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Nathan Hale

Freedom of the Press?

I disagree with Mr. Temple premise - The press had a right to attend. [WRONG]

The Denver Metro Young Republicans Club requires membership. It is not chartered or affiliated with any other groups. We have our own agenda and diversity of membership.

There are several independent groups like this - Arapahoe County Men’s Club for example meet at Cool River every Wednesday 7:00 AM and it cost $10.00 to attend - membership required. Another group, to which I belong, meets at the Denver Athletic Club whenever we feel like having a meeting cost $20.00 to attend – membership required.

Do you treat Rotarian Clubs this way? Do you bring parties to a politically contested legal action to confront a potential witness from their membership and photograph the reaction? Some of us belong to both groups. Shame on your staff – their mother should be ashamed of them too.

The "Rocky Mountain News Three" as they are now known to us - are guest who behaved poorly [I know, bad grammar] and despite their assumption they had the "RIGHT" to be there -- they didn't. The social events where we collectively meet, no agenda, no speakers - by all means - it is a public gathering. Bring it on!

The Freedom of the Press' rights stops at the privacy of our clubs' meeting doorway. You CAN apply for membership, but you need to be a registered Republican -- and we check!

Ms. Imse should have continued to wait for Jay Bob to leave the building. Their original M.O. was correct - Ann, Karen and Evan all sitting and waiting in the restaurant. After an hour of watching 44 attendees walk by Ms. Bauer failed to I.D. Jay Bob so Ann got tired of waiting and entered our meeting [rented] room as a guest during the last five minutes of the social hour and asked another member from Fort Collins "who is Jay Bob" and he was pointed out as Jay Bob walked up. He doesn’t always attend - they got lucky.

Ann introduced herself to him and he said, "I really don't have any comment as I told you on the phone" and the meeting started. Ann's phone rang and she walked out to answer it. She came back with Karen after about 5 minutes and the introductions were winding down. There were about 10 new guests. They both failed to be recognized or sign our guest log. Jude Sandvall the President specifically asked “anyone else” for a reason - we knew something was rotten with those 2 women with note pads, but the photographer actually blended.

Ann and Karen sat near each other taking copious notes (DnMvOn has already alerted their network to our “private matters”, we have spies everywhere) and they listened intently for almost an hour.

The speakers’ presentation was wrapping up and Ann's phone rang again and the "RMN 3" walked out together before the meeting adjourned. The cameraman and "Denver Digit" waited out by Jay Bob's vehicle and Ann came back in and cornered him as he came out of the men's room. I interceded so he could politely disengage her. Jay Bob didn't want to be rude.

The story she wrote was based on 3 comments he made between 'no comments' pleas and the eventual ambush and altercation a few minutes later when all three "visitors" returned.

Ms. Imse knew she was wrong in her behavior - she called Jay Bob alter that night and explained she didn’t mean to make his friends mad and wasn’t going to write about any other matter disclosed at our meeting, but some of her fellow reporters would be happy to write about it etc. So would her liberal activist partner.

I have an issue with her ethical behavior as a member of the press and On the Borders had an issue with her actions - we need security now?

I think as Editor of the Rocky Mountain News - you should have an issue with her behavior.

On a more positive note – it is good to see the RMN BLOG bringing some renewed credit back to media. Now, let’s work on content [wink].


I love it. Lets redirect the issue and make it NOT about the Town Hall meeting but attack the individuals concerned for there actions at a PRIVATE event. Typical conservative tactic. Don't talk about the issues attack those involved. Nice try.

I do not think that anyone would disagree that showing up to a private affair and causing trouble is wrong! How is this news?

The REAL issue is the Denver Three being ejected from a PUBLIC event by a person posing as a Secret Service agent. Hello!

Nathan Hale

Dude -- your so right. NOT

It appears to me that your agenda is Republican bashing not "what is right" or "wrong".

Two wrongs don't make it right.



John Salazar's Chief of Staff is Brian Ross, not Alan Salazar.

Get it straight.


John Salazar's chief of staff is actually Ron Carleton.

Coffman fan

Anyone hear anything on a Coffman press conference tomorrow?


No press conference tomorrow, too. Jeez...

coffman loyalist

I'm not on the inside, but I like to think I'd know something about a press conference. Probably not, but I'd like to think so.

That said, two posts in two consecutive days about press conferences that I've heard nothing about in other venues. I'd float a theory here:

These two posts were put up by O'Donnell people. They want to create excitement to see it fade, so that if an announcement does come at some point, it will come with no excitement at all.

At least, that's what I'd do if I were in O'Donnell's camp.


I'd imagine that there will be a great deal of interest in a Coffman press conference no matter how many fathom posts here.


Correction: His chief of staff is Brian Ross.


guess loyalist was way off...

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