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c. Fox

This is becoming such a Lame website. Get Real...Herb Rubenstein is on a book tour......running in CD7 Paleezzzzeee.. The man does not even know anyone in the Democratic party in Colorado..much less...where is his base??? Get Serious....Talk about something noteworthy....

Susan B

you know what is becoming lame? people coming on here to say what a lame website this is. if it was so lame, you wouldn't be here. i like this blog, and while i'm no apologist for them, i'm really bored with reading the same jealous comments. start your own damn blog or go somewhere else but don't waste our time with your sad sack comments.


agreed. if you don't like it, go home.


Yeah, love it or leave it!

Oh wait...


This is the only Colorado Blog site I can stand. Everyone else potificates, rants, and preaches.

At first - I missed the policy debates, but then realized that's the whole point for the "comments" section.

If you disagree with something here - then state so. But if you're just ticked because YOUR OWN blog doesn't get the same traffic - either modify your own approach or get out of the bloggin business.

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