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I think they did some polling and realize she's a lost cause. DeLay will pretend to stand by her and then tank on her at the primary.


Just blogged this here.


Not a big Musgrave fan, but a real primary fight launched by Kaufman or any of several others is a serious waste of effort and doomed to failure.


Seems that a bloody primary battle would still favor MM. The hard core party loyalist would reluctantly but none the less, reward her last two cycles by giving her the chance to 'reform' hefself.

That would be good news for the Dems. Just don't see may incumbents get beat out in the primary.

Same could be said for the Dems should a current office holder decide to run and be challenged by a newbe. The old gard would simply reward the vetern, albiet after an interesting primary.

Worn Out Conservative

Where do I send the check? It isn't that Musgrave is too conservative. The problem is she spends all of her time on social issues and none that will help the people of the 4th. Go, Bill, go.


No. The problem is her staff. If she would just be herself - and talk about the issues that made her great (education, agricultural issues) she would be a force again. Instead, her staff looks for social battles that will raise her visibility and, in turn, fundraising.

Call me crazy

Marilyn Musgrave ... on the cusp of Greatness if not for the dastardly Guy Short?!?!?!?

Say it ain't so.

Frankly, the woman would be hard put to string two sentences together without a staff running interference 24/7, and she has built her career on gay baiting, deficit spending, and attacking Social Security. "Just be herself...." That would be a disaster and she's the first one who knows it.

Progressive Dem

Run Bill Run!!!!!!!!!!


Staff - name the bills or policy speaches or anything that Musgrave has said or done regarding her great issue of education. Oh Please, Musgrave must really be mixing up some strong batches of kool-aid lately!!!

I love how Republicans always say they are going to run our government like a business but then they blame their staff when they can't get their act together. I am sure Kozlowski or Skilling who be proud. Maybe Musgrave should blame her CFO for the bad poll numbers.


I dare Musgrave to support Jim DeMint's latest Social security plan.


Marshall - she started her political career on the Morgon County School Board, was elected to the Stat Legislature on her Education Platform, and was one of the Prime Sponsers of Colorado's first Educational Choice Bill. She was a leader on education - knew what choice meant when the social conservatives still thought it referred to abortion.


Oh sorry, I guess when I think of education I think of that public kind where everyone has chance to succeed and benefit from societies investment in the next generation. If you mean that Musgrave is a "leader" of privatized education where if you live in certain areas of town then educational opportunity is optional then I guess Musgrave really has been a "leader".

On a serious note, when the privatization of our healthcare system has gone so well with 40 million Americans without healthcare why would anybody consider also privatizing our educational system. Maybe 40 million children not getting an education is what Republicans like Musgrave would consider "leadership". But I am sure Musgrave will just blame her staff when her private school "leadership" doesn't work out either.

In Musgrave's world "leadership" means passing the buck to your staff when you can't get your act together. Now that’s the type of "leadership" we have come to expect from "leading" Republicans.


To say that Musgrave only focuses on social issues is absurd. Find me an elected official in Colorado with a better voting record on taxes
than Congresswoman Musgrave and I'll eat one of Herb Rubenstein's robots.


Problem is Manofthehour, most American's aren't buying in to the idea that all those tax cuts are helping, according to the pollsters.

And Marilyn is now trying to pull a John Kerry and start 'flip-flopping' on her own issues. She voted with the dem's on the Patriot Act provission for goodness sake.


Yes fourthwatcher2, Im sure most Americans are in favor of higher taxes. The nerve of Musgrave to want such a thing. Which poll are you referring to anyways? I would like to see how they could word such a poll to come out with that type of result.
As far as the Patriot Act, her voting to limit Government intrusion into peoples lives can hardly be called a vote for the Dems.


According to the latest Zogby poll:
Thirty-two percent of the 885 adults surveyed think Bush’s tax cuts have helped the economy, while 19 percent think they hurt it and 45 percent believe the cuts have not made a difference.

When asked whether the cuts should be made permanent, 41 percent of voters said yes but 45 percent opposed the idea.

doesn't sound like a landslide to me.

And MM has voted every vote since she took office with The Prez and Tom Delay...except the PA one...I agree..keeping the gov out of private lives is a worthy goal...just have trouble believing that it's MM's as well.



Musgrave's vote for the Sander's amendment (who is Independent not Democrat) was not a flip-flop. The amendment was substanially different than last year as it allowed court authorized search warrents on internet communications where as the previous year it did not.

Furthermore, 37 other Republicans voted for the amendment so it can hardly be called switching to the Democrats.


Yeah. Right.


Yes it is right. Despite that incredibly snappy comeback you have there, the truth of the matter is that Sec. 215 of the Patriot Act is an important issue for conservatives as well as the far left.

The yes vote on the Sanders amendment was not a flip-flop but an example of Musgrave's strong conservative values.


Thanks for the compliment...it WAS incredibly snappy. However, doesn't change the fact that MM has been a one trick pony to date...keeping the 4th free from those incredibly gay marriages (I belive she is on record as saying, 'the single most important issue facing America' or somthing to that effect--I am sure those out of work, and trying to get kids in college would agree with her). So, pardon me if I appear to be just a little skeptical of MM's motive in voting with the Dems (and one indempendent) for the first time....ever. ? But, I do agree with you that we don't need Bush's verson of less government...which is short for MORE government intrusion into our lives (re: The TS family in Fla)


Hey, Marilyn is going back to Congress --
Angie "let me see which way the wind is blowing" Paccione and Wes "The Off Key Singing Cowboy"
McKinley are not going to beat her -- Marilyn works while the Dems whine -- if Mats had not tried to be a junior republican his first name might be Congressman -- on the other hand if Bob "Hey I smiled the first time I got laid and not one time since" Bacon runs he could be a serious challenger


And that's why they hold elections.


well my dear vladimir,

why wouldn't one want to know which way the wind is blowing. The 4th will cost upwards of 2 to 3 mill hard $$. So, would you just jump in without knowing whether you had a reasonable chance?


No poll is going to tell you what your chances are -- what we do know is that Stan Matsunaka running as a junior grade republican, with a mediocre campaign and a field operation run by smarmy Howard Dean rejects came reasonably close --
We know a good campaign can beat Musgrave -- if you want to go to Congress stick your neck out and run -- if you want to pay a bunch of lardasses to do a poll and than analyze its contents -- cool but a waste of time and energy -- start running if you want it -- no one hands you a damn thing in politics if you want it go for it


Polling isn't to tell you if you can win, but gives you a damn good idea of what people need from you to vote for you. Then it is up to you to decide whether to jump in. You obviously didn't have good results from pollsters when you ran...I understand.

We do agree that no one hands you anything in politics. Or, anything elese for that matter.

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