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Way to go John, standing proudly with Marilyn after a staffer rushed in with the results of that focus group. I wish someone would poll Colorado Dems who wrote checks to a Salazar campaign in the past 18 months, to see what percentage would like theirs back.

GarCo Dem

The number of West Slope Dems who would want their campaign contributions back is deep in the single digits. As in none. John Salazar opposed development on the Roan Plateau, fought for a clean energy bill, stands with Labor against the disasterous CAFTA trade treaty, AND his office communicates regularly with us. What the he** is wrong with seeking extradition of suspected cop killers from Mexico?? This is the West Slope. This is Pueblo. And we are represented in Congress by a 2nd Amendment Democrat. Just like us. We'll work to re-elect this moderate Dem who has shown the bravado of a five term veteran when the chips were down.


Oooooh, I can't wait until tomorrow morning when Phoenix, Ter, Strider, etc. see this and launch an all out offensive on a Salazar over immigration issues.

Oh wait, that won't happen since he isn't a Republican.

327-98. Guess BB isn't so far out in right field after all. But, I'm betting that the Pols headline tomorrow won't be "Beauprez Immigration Victory."


I'll take a Democrat from a Republican leaning district that votes correctly some of the time over a Republican from a Republican leaning district that votes correctly none of the time. I gave to Salazar last time and will give to him again this time!


Gee Whiz, I'm so sorry that the Denver/Boulder Liberals are angry (what's new?). Welcome to Rural Colorado. We like to prosecute criminals, keep our guns, protect our water from Democrats in Aurora, and preserve our cultural heritage (connected to the land more so than our ethnicity). A rural Dem is not the same as a Denver/Boulder Dem. John Salazar will never be one of those folks (thank god). You'll find that on many issues, Hefly, Musgrave, and Salazar have more in common than Salazar and Degette. Point in fact Salazar and Degette have very little in common... (thanks again God) Udall needs to start watching how Salazar votes if he wants success statewide--> it's probably too late. Stop your whining. Things are different out here in the country.


Yeah, in Denver we like to let our criminals run free. Whatever. I grant you're right about the state right success bit, although it doesn't please me to say it. Its why I gave my green to K.S. last time, but it won't be enought for me to do the same next time. No matter how many times he assures me that he will fight for all Coloradans.


Brio, I have no idea what you just said.


Brio- Why dont you tighten up your birkenstocks, walk on over to "be the change" and throw your money away there, then. Let me know if that maginalizes you even more, or if it makes your opinion more valuable to mainstream, moderate, rural Democrats. And, for the last time, JOHN AND KEN SALAZAR ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.


I love John. He has protected my water so I can grow...PEPPERS!!!!!


I don't understand why people are upset at JS for representing his district. If DeGette had pulled this I would have been upset but JS doesn't represent me, he represents rural Colorado and his votes should reflect that.

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