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Who will be the minority leader in the Senate? Anderson, Dyer, Johnson, etc?


Steve Johnson is expected to be our next Minority Leader in the Senate.


How is it that I even survived on mainstream media for my political news? This story was first reported here, what, a month ago? We all should have seen this coming - especially if Stengel was backtracking on his candidacy for Treasurer. This deal must have been firmed up last week, which means the only thing still up for grabs is, like, NOTHING. Seems like a Republican Hat Trick to me - we have three unbeatable state candidates now - all incumbants in some wacky sort of way.


Greg Brophy already has the Vacancy Votes. He' the next Senator.

No for Johnson

Sen. Johnson is more of a moderate than a conservative. We need someone better as the Minority Leader, instead of compromising with the Democrats. Don't be fooled by Johnson. I urge we support Lamborn for Minority Leader.


Lamborn has a difficult and time-consuming race coming up; if Brophy gets appointed before the Senate Caucus meets, we may be looking at a McElhany Leader - otherwise, Johnson has the votes already.

No for Johnson

A McElhany leadership would be good. People will need to make sure Brophy gets accepted soon, so McElhany can be appointed. Rumor has it Hoppe may be another choice for Hillman's seat. This wouldn't be good.

Johnson has done some good things, but this recent session hurt him on many fronts.


Hoppe does not have the votes. Brophy will win, and he will carry the entire Senate to the right, with him. Hurray for Brophy!


It is impossible for Brophy to "carry the Senate to the right." It is already far right. The R's are trading a solid senator for a loose cannon. All the better for D's.


So what happens to Brophy's seat? Any rumors of who might be running?


I heard there are two folks considering it; both strong conservatives and both competitive.


My money is on Corey Gardner to fill the Brophy vacancy.


Or Les Linker - that guy who ownes the auto station out there. I think his wife's name is Heidi.


Figures the Republicans, down in numbers already, would go with the far right in leadership, to make it even easier to beat them again next November.


So what is the real reason the Gov. Owens appointed Mark Hillman state treasurer? Could it be the party paybacks for all the water Hillman has carried for Gov. woody? Hillman has been the best water boy any Gov. could have. Hear no evil,see no evil, speak no evil of the hand that feeds your political ambitions.

Chicken Little

Yeah Hillman is really carrying the water for Ref C for Owens....good one!


Hey.....do you know what you get when you cross a conservative republican with a water boy?

A Gov. Bill Owens State Treasurer appointee,no less.


On another note....has anyone seen Brophy. I heard he took a really sharp right turn and fell off the edge of the earth?


Mark Hillman as State Treasurer.....what a hoot.

Good luck in balancing the State check book Mark. Let's $800,000,000.00 in the red.....wonder who should get a tax rebate first?


What do we know about Corey Gardner?


Anuone know anything about the on again,off again,on again Mark Hillman wedding? Seems it was a very busy day for Mr. Hillman.

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