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Much as I may like the Governor, he has no chance in either the 5th or the 7th. That's just plain lunacy. And as for a future race for Senate? I think you can't forget that his now-reconciled wife, Francis, refuses to be the "good candidate wife" again. So for the same reason he used in '04, Bill won't run for Senate in '08.

As far as other potential Republican candidates in the Senate race? Don't count out Norton (all three), Andrews, Schaffer, Tancredo, or even (assuming she does an office purge) Musgrave.


The Gov, I am told by what I believe to be legitimate sources, went back to Frances in order to enhance his chances to become a a senior Deputy atTreasury, a far cry from a cabinet post. This was done as part of the WH requirement to "clean up his act". Wonder what else they wanted him to clean up?
Interesting developments, will Frances really stick by her man, will Bill, given that once again he is going nowhere, really hang in there, or, as usual with him, is it just another charade.

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