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Phoenix Rising

Ouch! Beauprez is grandstanding on this, but that quote won't win him the Hispanic vote.

Does he really expect Mexico to change its laws to allow extradition where the prescribed punishment is disallowed under Mexican law? Mexico is breaking its treaty with us only because the Mexican Supreme Court ruled (after the treaty was signed) that life without parole is unconstitutional. Were the situation reversed, we certainly would not extradite under those conditions.

Morrissey has come up with a solution that's acceptable to Mrs. Young and the Mexican government, and furthermore, extradition always takes 1-3 years if the suspect fights it - even between states here in the U.S.!

This is just a visibility thing - 'cause heaven-only-knows Beauprez hasn't distinguished himself in Congress previously.


And here I was extolling the political smarts of BB in a previous post, as compared to some of our Democratic politicians. Not only is this a dumb comment politically in a state with a large Hispanic population, it's just a flat-out ignorant thing to say. I honestly did not expect BB to make such a big slip-up.

And, to top it off, he comes across as seeming to browbeat Donald Young's widow. Morrisey can handle himself - but when you come across as criticizing decisions made by a police officer's widow, not too bright.


Is it just COLORADO Republicans (exemplified first by Tancredo and now Beauprez) who have a problem with Mexico or is it the whole party?

Phoenix Rising

As exemplified in some of the Beauprez Q&A questions, BB promised to back up Tancredo on these issues when he ran for Congress. Now he's putting up. (Hey, BB - what took you so long? You're not just doing this to improve your image, are you?)

I'd have to say it isn't just CO Republicans; we've got the "Minutemen" down in Arizona, and there's a not-insubstantial group of like-minded folk in California. Texas, on the other hand, doesn't want anything to do with the "Minutemen" - good for them.

Hugo O'conor

At least he did not say that illegal immigrants are coming to kill you and your grandchildren (and eat your babies).


I have been to Washington before and now exactly what Congressional time is. I will take Mexican time over Congressional time any day.

Phoenix Rising

Lots of good solid snark in here today...

Kenevan McConnon

I'm not sure why his comments are particularly offensive or politically damaging. "Living on Mexican Time" is descriptive. The first time I heard it was from a Mexican in Baja.

Beauprez is being an advocate for a swift extradition and trial? I have a hard time seeing how this will hurt him in any meaningful way. Beauprez and Allard might being working a little good cop/bad cop.

alan smitheee

How can you not see this as damaging? When the Latino vote is nearly 13 percent and growing, this implied racism is a bombshell.
Ter Ducken is right (posted in the open thread). This quote is going to come up time and time again in lit and media.


The line perpetuates an ugly and untrue stereotype about Mexicans. As the post points out, it comes across in a way that BB may not have intended. However, he said it and it's something he should be held accountable for.

Remember, this is a town that ran a basketball coach off for making racially insensitive comments. Shouldn't we expect the same from our elected officials?

However, that being said, I really do have doubts that the Colorado Democratic Party will take this on and be the ones to hold BB accountable. I haven't seen anything in the party's past actions to bolster confidence in its ability to go after a Republican when they step into it. Maybe the media will carry the torch?


Yeah? Well, I've been to Congress and they don't move that swiftly either.

Ter Ducken

Alfalfa is absolutely right. If Democratic leaders in Colorado had any sense whatsoever (are you listening State Party?), they'd be going nuts over this comment by Beauprez in order to keep generating news about it. Instead they'll just grumble to each other and talk about how Beauprez is a jerk, and he'll get a pass on this until somebody brings it up in an ad.


It was not to long ago that I remember Salazar slipping up and alienating Christian Voters. BBs statement was not particularly offensive unless it is over analyzed. I can think of other statements that were made that would offend me way more than this.

After the jump?

ColoradoPols -- For all the good work you do, this one is inexcusable. Bobby B implies Mexicans are lazy, jams his foot in his mouth practically up to the hip(!) and you put his actual quote *after* the jump? Not to mention that you picked up the Rocky's story only after Ter pointed it out in the open thread.

I'd like to believe this site doesn't have a favorite gov candidate, but you're letting BB off really easy. He may need the help, but he sure doesn't deserve it.


Just like a bunch of liberals, you're making "much a do about nothing".

alan smitheee

It is ridiculous to compare the BB quote to Salazar "alienating" Christians by calleing Focus on the Family the AntiChrist.

Salazar was speaking from the perspective of a devout Christian and rightfully criticizing those band of loonies what they are - the antithesis of the teachings of Christ.

Beauprez is just a bigot who got caught and should pay a political price for it.

Republicans would do much better for themselves when they quit letting the whack jobs run the asylum.


Don't forget that Republicans jumped down Salazar's throat for his "anti-christ" comment. They didn't let it sit and it became an issue he had to deal with. And it's an issue people are going to remember because he did get attacked over it.

Unless the Democrats and their supporters force the issue, this comment by BB will be forgotten, And, if it is brought up in the campaign a year from now, it won't have the same impact because most people won't remember it or even know he had said it.

BB doesn't slip up that often - he sure did so in today's Rocky. It would be a shame if he gets a free pass because of a spineless opposition.

Aaron - Free Will

Does he really expect Mexico to change its laws to allow extradition where the prescribed punishment is disallowed under Mexican law? Mexico is breaking its treaty with us only because the Mexican Supreme Court ruled (after the treaty was signed) that life without parole is unconstitutional. Were the situation reversed, we certainly would not extradite under those conditions....and when we begin harboring Mexican cop killers, Mexico is perfectly welcome to stop sending aid money to the United States.

...Oh, wait.

Seriously, though. The Mexican Supreme Court thinks it is barbaric to give someone a life sentence without parole, so they won't give us back a murderer. We think it is barbaric to protect a cop killer from justice, so we won't give them money. Sovereignty cuts both ways, and if the Mexican Supreme Court made a decision that has consequences Mexico can't live with, perhaps they should reapproach this issue, considering that this puts them on roughly the same ethical plane as Roman Polanski.


Beauprez is a wack job for slightly slipping up? Yes, he should have watched what he said-but if you read it in the context it is not meant as a prejudicial comment.


I'm quite usure this will come up next year, mostly because BB doesn't give the Dems a whole lot of ammo so they have to take what they can get.

Of course it's only a big deal when you over analyze it. Anyone who's ever been on vacation in mexico knows what being "on Mexican time" means. in our overly sensitive PC world however, folks actually seem to NEED something to wring their hands over or they just don't know what to do with themselves.

If BB had come out and said "Mexicans are lazy" or something to that effect, you'd have a point. He didn't get anywhere near that - the only way you can interpret it that way is if you want to.

Phoenix Rising


While I agree that the U.S. government has the right to stop sending money, what does it say when we do so over a rational disagreement of penalties? The Mexican government seems to have no problem with Morrissey's proposal, which will net RG-G an effective life sentence.

Under your logic, Saudi Arabia should stop selling us oil if we refuse to extradite a thief because the penalty might be removal of a hand. We would not extradite a murderer if the penalty was execution by crucifixion (at least I hope we wouldn't); what is different here?

Until we respect the opinions of the world, we will continue to lose the respect of world opinion. It's called arrogance.


Mexico won't extradite to countries that have the death penalty because Mexico has a culture of life.

Rick James

Regardless of how the Rs try and spin it - Ds making too much of the quote, liberals are hysterical, etc...It is a big mistake and pretty stupid for an elected who is going to be relying on the Hispanic vote.

You can say what you want about understanding what he meant, "Mexican time" is not really racist, but none of that matters - if it can be construed to hurt his candidacy, it will.


It is sad that this is what it has come to-the world is overly PC. People have to sensor themselves because one word might be taken out of context and seen as something prejudicial. I am sure what BB said was not meant to be taken in that manner


Almost everyone is arguing this is either a huge issue (or at least should be) or a non-issue. Seems to me its in between. The comment does not necessarily reflect racial bigotry; it does reflect national arrogance. Now I'm not so found of how arrogantly America tends to act in the world, but the truth is, most Americans (including Coloradans) share this arrogance, especially where certain countries - Mexico high on the list - are concerned. For these reason, most Colorado voters will not be very troubled by this statement, unless it plays out just right. Some will be - including presumably the great majority of the Mexican-American community in Colorado.

So, in and of itself, this does not have the potential to be a major factor in the race, but it has the potential to cost BB a few votes. That said, I completely agree with the sentiment that the Dems need to learn to jump on things like this, for two reasons. (1) capitalizing on the handful of opportunities to take a few votes from your opponent can make the difference in what should be a close race; and (2) attacking effectively makes the candidate who made the careless statement respond to the attack. As has been well-pointed out on this site many times, every time you make your opponent respond to an attack, you are giving him an opportunity to really screw up (see Lamm, Peggy). A candidate on the defensive over a stupid comment can only avoid damaging him/herself or damage him/herself. Not a bad position for the other side

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