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This comes on the heels of rumors that Hefley will actually resign before the November Election (like, within five months.)

But whether Hefley stays in his seat to the end or not - this is really just puff.


Poor Marc. Always the bridesmaid. . .

Wouldn't be quite as painful if you hadn't tried to convince everyone last week that Hefley was solidly in the Holtzman camp.


When Hefley resigns, I wonder who will take his seat? Maybe Holtzman should give it a go?


So I guess you guys were dead wrong on this one. And when are you going to get off this infatuation with the "kicked out" of committee post thing? In two years when about a dozen other committee top dogs are "kicked out" (cause they too will be term limited) will you try to create a controversy then too?


"Hefley's endorsement speaks more about how he feels about Holtzman than how he feels about Beauprez."

So you get the story totally wrong in the first place, and then you come up with this whopper!?!?! And how, Great Pols Soothsayer, do you know this is about Hefley? It certainly isn't based on what Hefley actually says. Please answer Pols.

Here's my guess: this site is funded and operated by Democrat activists who are scared to death of Beauprez. They should be.

And thinkin' is dead on. Hefley was flippin' term limited as chairman of ethics. Period. Enough martyrdom already.


Hefley was term limited under house rules, and it is a rare exception to get a waiver from House Leadership to overcome the rule.


This website has continued to get it wrong on Hefley.


Col Pols was wrong about something in the BB/MH race? I'm shocked. ;-)

A nice statement from Congressmen Hefley and the first of many endorsements for BB.


That is because one of the bloggers on this site works for one of the candidates!


That is because one of the bloggers on this site works for one of the candidates!

Donald E. L. Johnson

So Col Pols got one wrong. Big deals. How many mistakes did everyone else make last week---10-20-30? Nobody's perfect, especially political gossip bloggers. Almost as important as the question of who some congressman wants for governor, one of the weakest elected posts in the state.

The nomination will go to the strongest candidate, regardless of endorsements and funding, which are important, but not the end all and be all some would have you think they are.

BB will be at the Arapahoe Republican Men's Club 7 a.m., next Wed. Will be interesting to see and hear how he does.

I'm for Bob

There's a reason Hefley endorsed Bob. Because Marc is unproven and his constant self-agrandizement (and white lies) wears thin on the seasoned pol veterans like Hefley.

Defero Veritas

Congrats to Mr. Beauprez! In a Republican primary, Rep. Hefley's endorsement is worth far more than cash money.

The real question is where did the Pols get their "scoop" that Hefley would endorse Holtzman? Maybe Holtzman just made it up? Wouldn't be the first time.

Are the dead govs really democrats? We'll find out the next time they update the Governor Line...

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