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Gary Mandell

Mr. Ritter, as governor would you sign a bill that changes the felony murder rule’s mandatory sentence of life without the possibility of parole to a sentencing guideline that allows judge discretion?


The Colorado Supreme Court decided that, despite clear language within the wage statute, that corporate owners and officers are not responsible to pay wrongfully withheld wages. This allowed Jerry McMorris to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars of wages to truckers he employed. Are you willing to at least sign, if not push for, an amendment to the Colorado Wage Act defining an employer as an officer or agent as well as the corporate entity?

How do you reconcile your right to life stance with your office's repeated filings of capital cases that sought to kill defendants?

Linda Mitchell

Mr. Ritter: As Governor, will you review cases where juveniles are incarcerated for Life Without Parole for consideration of Clemency? If not you, will you have an independent review for your consideration?

Additionally, will you or your representative review and act on the disproportionate number of minorities (especially Blacks)incarcerated? The Black population in Colorado is only 4%. Will you actively seek to get votes from the Black community? With only 4% Black population in Colorado, over 20% are incarcerated. Do you think it will be worthwhile to solicit the Black voters? You know we will want answers about our Black youths imprisoned and other Blacks incarcerated. Are you prepared to give us TRUE answers to our questions as to what you will do about the problem of "unusually long sentences" and putting away our children for life?

Pat Duran

Mr. Ritter,
I was extremely impressed with your speech and answers to questions at the restorative justice symposium at Regis a couple of years ago. If you would help put a stop to the madness of building more and more prisons and spending less and less on education - both lower and higher - I think you would be very popular with those of us working to get people out on parole, on ankle bracelets, etc., etc. Would you be willing to really deal with the whole prison issue, especially in regard to private prisons, alternatives to prison, and the really huge issue of virtually no-one being parolled except to mandatory release dates?


To date exactly how much money have you raised?
How much of your own money are you prepared to put into the race?

Confused Student

Mr. Ritter,

Hi this is for a school project and I was wondering if you could help.I was wondering your position on Iraq? What do you think should be done-or really what do you think about this war?

Earl Colm

What is Mr, Ritter,s position on gun control


Colorado as the first state in obtaining two-thirds of the state legislatures to ask Congress to call a national convention to propose amendment.



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