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Thanks Mr. Ritter. this q&a was much more interesting than the last two. Ritter's answers were sincere and straightforward, and directly addressed the questions.


Is it just me, or did it appear that Mr. Ritter didn't understand the content and very nature of Betty Boyd's EC bill? Tell me if I am reading his response wrong!
To Review the Q&A:
Mr. Ritter,

If you become Governor, would you be inclined to sign into law a bill similar Rep. Betty Boyd's emergency contraception bill? This bill would have required hospitals with religious orientations to at least inform rape victims about emergency contraception.

I would have signed Rep. Boyd’s bill if we could have found a way to provide an exemption for religious hospitals. I believe there are ways to ensure that information is provided to victims of sexual assault without forcing religious hospitals to violate their principles. As Denver DA, I built a model program, now replicated in other cities, to provide a comprehensive response to support sexual assault victims while we aggressively prosecuted the criminals. As Governor, I think it is critical to find common ground on issues like this where the goal is to fully support the victim, and not get sidetracked by ideological arguments.


Agreed. I especially appreciate Ritter being upfront on the police shooting issue. As an old-time liberal, I'd have to say that issue is one that I hope he continues to be upfront in answering. I may not completely agree with his approach, but appreciate his taking time to explain his decision-making process.

A note to BR - drop the education, health care, economy and environment pablum that all Democrats nowdays seem to spew off the overly-polled DNC message points. You're up against a well-funded candidate in a primary who so far is throwing out the same lines. Heck, every Democrat in America recites these four items as if they were brought down from the mountain by some holy man (or created by some over-paid consultant).

Be different! You have a great story to tell and experience that relates directly to running the state. Don't fall into the same trap all Democrats nowdays do. Heck, repeating the mantra of jobs, health care education and the environment hasn't won us a whole lot of elections lately, has it?

Good luck.

Phoenix Rising

Thanks to Mr. Ritter for the detailed, non-canned responses.

TMGT - I think I understand where BR is going with his answer; what if, instead of having the hospital doing the informing, they were required to call on a state rape crisis expert who did the explaining? That frees the hospital of the requirement, but still provides the information.

I see a lot of that "third way" thinking in Ritter's responses; while I disagree on the sentencing issue with Mr. Ritter, e.g., (I believe drug posession in particular needs revisiting), he does attempt to reach out to address treatment and prevention efforts.

Overall, this is what I'd expect out of a law-and-order Democratic DA candidate; well-reasoned answers - in impeccable English, I might add - with an emphasis on respect for the law over personal desire.

Frankly, this interview moves Ritter up the ladder significantly in my view.

Ter Ducken

I'll echo what I said in the post about Bridges and PBS. Ritter moves slower than my grandma when she's trying to get dressed. I think his answers in the Q&A were pretty good, but the guy is going to need to have a much faster campaign if he's going to go anywhere. It's embarassing how he can't capitalize on anything that happens in his favor. He is the true middle of the road candidate because he doesn't ever get OFF the road. If it wasn't for this Q&A, I might have thought Ritter had stopped running.


Let us cut through the nonsense --When Archbishop Chaput says Jump Governor Ritter will respond how high my lord?-- this guy is a Republican who has never done a damn thing for any other Democrat -- tell him to switch parties now. At best he is a Trojan Horse who will denounce the Democratic nominee and throw his support to the Rep in November -- see if this guy will sign an oath to support whomever the Democratic nominee is? I bet that he will weasel out of signing such a pledge

James Foy

Vladimir-Did you read Ritter's responses? Have you studied Catholic social teachings? If so, then you would know that Ritter did step into the gray and if times against these teachings. Using human fetal remains in anything goes directly against Catholic teachings. By some of these comments he did not truly endear himself to anyone on the far left or the far right; in fact he showed that he does have his own brain and is trying to learn and grow in respect to the complexity and dynamic nature of these issues.

Before saying anything like this please become versed.

Lane R.

Slow? Well, I know I sure get tired of the knee-jerk "let's take advantage of every political opportunity or headline-grabbing moment we can" attitude that seems to be the goal of other candidates. It's refreshing to see someone go for substance rather than just a spotlight.

And, that old nonsense about his being Catholic is laughable. Wasn't that an old argument from the JFK days?! Ritter is clearly his own man and seems to rely on common sense to evaluate each issue rather than simply following a single party line.


Let us be clear what this Altar Boy Ritter is saying --
A woman is raped and taken to the nearest hospital -- that hospital is often a Catholic hospital receiving public funds -- in some places it is the only hospital -- that hospital does not have to tell a rape victim of her contraception options -- not because of any religous stuff -- Catholic hospitals all over the country gladly do this -- but becasue Ritter's good pal the Archbishop says it is wrong -- so the rape victim will need to be transported to another place to get this information --third way -- come on he does use good English to try to mask the fact that chapter and verse he is nothing but a lackey for the right wing Republican policies of Chaput -- will the Altar Boy pledge to support whomever the Democratic nominee is? Probably not -- this guy is no more a Dem than Lyndon LaRouche is

James Foy


Let me get your logic correct; since that Bill is perceived to be a close ally of the Archbishop Chaput you want nothing to do with him? That is your uneducated choice. Let me also get this correct, since Bill does not fit into your mold of what a good Democrat is than he is not a good Democrat. That will be your opinion.

Bill explicitly stated that he only thought that abortion should be in cases of Rape/Incest and when a woman's life is in danger. How does this fit within Catholic Dogma? These statements run in DIRECT opposition to Catholic Dogma. Bill will receive a lot of heat within his Catholic circles. I also question your use of referring to Bill as an alter boy; do you have an ax to grind with Catholics?

Bill was elected in Denver. Denver and Colorado Springs are parallel in supporting candidates from a single party. If Bill was not a good Democrat do you think that he would have gotten re-elected? Do you think that he would have made it out of a primary? Bill connection to Denver politics will hamper him statewide. He will be looked at as a Denver Democrat.

Archbishop Chaput will likely chasten Bill for these stances. If Archbishop is known for anything is that he has been very consistent on his stance on abortion. Does Bill realize this; I imagine he does.

Please read comments and become educated before making assumptions to create sensationalism.

Phoenix Rising


I'd agree with you about Ritter's response time in the media, except what I see are two half-candidates here. Ritter has a message; Bridges says he doesn't have one of those yet. Ritter has been a bit slow on the response time, yes, while Bridges is right on top of the pithy one-liners against Beauprez.

But personally, I think Ritter's response about Gomez-Garcia (which was in the Post article the other day) hits just the right note for people who don't want to see political grandstanding inserted into serious issues.

What remains to be seen in the Dem primary race is whether Bridges actually has policies, or just runs an organization designed to make them.

catholic dem

Vladimer, you're coming dangerously close to being exactly what GOP demogaouges accuse us of: hostile to religion. You're employing bigoted, anti-catholic stereotypes, and when you speak of faith you use language that is downright bellicose.

Please, shut up before the voters realize how small-minded your type is.


I am not hostile to religion -- I am hostile to hypocrites and demagogues who throw their weight around -- the Altar Boy is actually a little dense -- Archbishop Chaput is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party -- Republican Sins such as the death penalty and the war in Iraq are forgiven sins but abortion is a mortal sin -- a rape victim should not be further traumatized -- the Altar Boy and the Archbishop think a rape victim is not entitled to information that would allow her to not face the further trauma of the thought of pregnancy --I know of know real religous person who thinks that way -- only self serving politicians. Good luck to the Altar Boy as his pal will never help a Dem and there goes his whole candidacy

catholic dem

Continuing to use terms like "Altar Boy" in a derogatory and sarcastic sense is indeed hostile to religion.


Vladimir is just a loudmouth. This person (I assume a male) does not add to the debate. He is obviously not knowledgable of the Catholic religion. I wonder whether he is knowledgable about anything.

Mother Blogger

I have to respectfully disagree with Alfalfa's modest proposal that Ritter "drop the education, health care, economy and environment pablum." Ritter fans and foes alike are already parsing every single utterance by Ritter that has to do with abortion rights (just look at 90% of the above back-and-forth).

As tempting as it is to add on and on to that Greek chorus, I hope Democrats give Ritter some room to talk about his ideas on how to steer Colorado out of its absolutely embarrassing high school graduation rates, how to provide health care to the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans young and old who do not have access to adequate health care services (the dynamics of which make it a stone cold economic issue that should make every social progressive and fiscal conservative stand at attention), how to finally create some jobs around here (remember: Wal-Mart is now the #2--correct me if I'm wrong--private employer in the state, while StorageTek gets swallowed, JD Edwards evaporates, and Level3/Qwest continue to shed jobs), and how to preserve the quality environment that has a direct relationship to the quality of life for Colorado residents. Have we forgotten already that these were precisely the issues that Ken Salazar focused on in his recent Senate-winning campaign--a race that made barely a whisper about abortion rights against his no-abortion-under-any-circumstances-whatsoever (and Catholic) Republican opponent. . .whom both the Denver and Colorado Springs archbishops tacitly endorsed.

Despite the tenor of the all the comments posted above, the "pablum" issues ARE important--and I think Ritter shows that he's got a running start on their political and policy-making aspects.

Old School Dem

I still don't understand how this country club republican is the "front runner" on the democratic ticket! A choice between him and which ever hard rightie the repubs put up will be no choice at all.

some one special

nerf the republicans

Chad F

I would like to know how if Ritter is for or against the death penalty. I hope he is against it! I would also like to know if his faith plays a part in his beliefs about this issue.

phillip piccari

i would like to know your stance on the use of public tax money to support illegal aliens who have sneaked into our country. i know for a fact they are receiving free medical, dental, food, and housing at the expense of our own needy citizens.
i have been told you support this policy and i would like to know your reasons.

respectfully, phil piccari



Jerry Farmer

I would like to know what you would do with the commision on higher education regarding adults continuing or going back to school at a school for the degree and course they chose. I mean this for the thousands of low income families living at or below poverty levels who can't go to school simply by filling out the FASFA. The schools of brick and mortar will never go away. With the advance of the Internet more school are offering highly complex and intense online courses to fit in the lifes of working parents. Should a person be told they can't go to school because they can't afford it or they have to drive an additional 100-150 miles a day to receive state assisted funding at a school the state chooses? Even if the school does not offer a course specific degree and yet they alter their degree program to include course to call it a specific degree. Whay will you do to help the thousands of Colorado families that need an adult education to seek an improved quality of life? After all isn't that your platform? Coloradoans improved quality of life? I am enrolled seeking a degree and we are the family I just described. Should my kids be punished living inpoverty because I can't get a good paying job even with the knowledge I have? Yet I know of one person working as a youth counselor for the department of youth corrections. His education? A GED !! My parents could not afford to send me to a 4 year school after High School. I worked 2 jobs to support my self my first shot at it. I did graduate with a certificate of completion and yet NOBODY considers that an education!!! Am I stupid for going back to school? Should I not try to improve my families quality of life while parents get to send their kids to charter schools, with state funding, because they feel their kids are to good for public school. Yes I am mad at the politicains and the way they constantly think of the special interest groups and supporters before any thing else. There is no way any one can tell me that no student has never gone to school out of state, even though the main campus is here, and has received state aid because of some congressman or legislater pushing their tuition through. We do not get food stamps or public medical care for our kids. We pay our own insurance and try to do the best we can without state help. But gosh darn it we need help so I can give my kids a future. So tell me in all honesty what you plan on doing without a political dance around rehtoric. Either you can do something or you will not. Do you care about Coloradoans lifes or is that a front.

Franz Kindler

Mr. Ritter,
Since the media rarely asks pertinent questions, try the following?

1. Recently on ABC, you stated that the number 1 issue in Colorado is Education. Clearly, for most of us, IMMIGRATION, particularly the illegal variety is the most important issue, not only in Colorado, but nationally.
For your information, this concern is mirrored worldwide.

2. You also said on ABC that you think it is OK that our taxes should pay for the education of illegal aliens' children. Mr. Ritter, this is totally unacceptable from anyone seeking political office to represent we the taxpayers. Go back to the drawing board on this one until you get it right:

- No amnesty, no guest worker or temporary worker programs.
- No free education, no benefits, no nothing. Reach into your own pocket book, Mr., if you feel so strong about it, but keep your hand out of the productive taxpayers' pockets.
- Mass Deporation of the 30 million invading hordes, along with their sympathizers.
- Walls and armed troops on the border.
- No fast-track citizenship so you and your Democrap & some Repugnantcan cohorts can get get more votes. We are sick and tired of the crowded cities, crime, diseases, etc. and the cheap and rotten politicians, news media, and other unpatriotic quarters selling America down the drain at the expense of their fellow citizens.

Get it?


Thank you phoenix rising, you just totally owned Vlad and revealed him as the moron he is. Secondly, Old School Dem, if you want to hate on republicans, go to a rally. And since you are most likey under the age of twelve, keep your immaturity to yourself. Leave the Q and A's to us adults.

Senor Tasty

Democrats, Liberals do not get the whole picture. The war in Iraq is was not to get attention. It was because the Iraqis would not let our inspectors in. This led to the full invasion of the Country. The only other argument you have is elderly rights. sure social security is important but is not nesseccary. The issue of marriage is obvious. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. **ck That!

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