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Phoenix Rising

Congressman Beauprez,

The ongoing reports of expensive privately-funded trips provide a surface appearance of unethical conduct. Do you agree with this? Is the House doing anything to close up this apparently huge loophole in government ethics rules?


Sorry same question...

Congressman Beauprez,

Will you vote up-or-down for any bill that privatizes Social Security?



I would like to get a firm "up-or-down pledge" from Congressman Beauprez on if he will support the privatization of Social Security. I am also trying to word my question in a way that will avoid the usual squishy answers. If anybody else has any other ideas on a better way to word this question then please post.


If you ask about privatization, he will just say he doesn't support privatization but supports personal accounts (for some reason republicans think there is a difference).

I'd like to know if Beauprez is going to support Ref. C & D this November.


Bad news Marshall - even though you tried to be direct in your question, you made a fatal flaw by using the Dem buzz word "privatizes" Since he is on message, his answer will likely be......"well actually its not privatization.." Since, in fact, it isn't.
You would be better off asking about Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs), since that is what the President is proposing. And NO - they are not the same thing.

Phoenix Rising

Let's not get too technical, here and bury the Q&A posts. PRA's might have technical differences from what was formally called "privatization", but Luntz's framing document specifically mentioned changing the wording, so I don't put too much stock (pardon the pun) into the change. Call it "privatization" or personal accounts, it amounts to something very similar if not identical. Like the "nuclear option" (coined by Trent Lott), Republicans were the ones who started using the word "privatize" - just because it didn't poll well doesn't mean we can't keep using it :)

Phoenix Rising

Rep. Beauprez:

Energy seems to be our most pervasive problem right now; from foreign relations, to military intervention, to homeland security, to the economy, to job creation - energy seems to be the key. Colorado stands to gain significantly with future energy technology investments. Why aren't we doing a lot more to kick-start the new energy sector?

Phoenix Rising

As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, you have considerable say in the budget process. In every other war in history, the people have made sacrifices in higher taxes to offset the costs of war. This is the first time that we have not followed this basic principle, and we are suffering record deficits. Why don't we recind or suspend the tax cuts we have given to the richest Americans? Judging from economic reports, they appear to be pocketing the cash and not helping the economy or the budget with their increased returns...

Alan Salazar

I would like to ask the Congressman who his favorite Democrat is?


Congressman Beauprez -

How would you solve the long-term budget problems facing Colorado?

Is it too early to start supporting the Beauprez for President 2012 campaign???


Congressaman Beauprez,

I will submit the same question to you that I submitted to Senator Allard, but with one small difference. There will be an additional point concerning your Catholic faith.

When I was growing up it was considered rude to discuss religion in public because it can be so divisive. Now, the GOP seems to have become inextricably commingled with not only with the Christian faith, but with protestant evangelical sects explicitly.

How do you justify this, and how can we continue to live in a pluralistic and civil society when the GOP has identified itself so exclusively with one subjective, religious view?

Do you reject the notion that democracy’s strength is founded in authentic cultural pluralism?

Additionally, at some point in this alliance with the protestant evangelicals there has to be a conflict between your faith and theirs. How can you be a political ally with those who insist that Catholicism is a counterfeit faith? Is it enough that the current social values platform is the same, even though they would believe your faith will condemn you to hell?

I would just like to say that GOD is not a Republican. I would be pleasantly surprised to see you respond.


Congressman Beauprez:

I read a lot of stories about President Bush's friendship building techniques with congressional members, specifically his nickname giving ability. Two questions really: What kind of a friendship do you have with the president -- are you on a first name basis, and what is his nickname for you?


Congressman Beauprez,

Thanks for your service. My question is regarding the Republican Party. As you continue to decide on what you are running for, do you realize it is hurting the Republicans and their ability to raise money should you step down? If so, is this a political maneuver to keep Mark Paschall from entering the race since Rick O'Donnell can rely on the funds he raised back in 03, 04?


Rep. Beauprez:

Why have you not upheld your pledge to Congressman Tancredo that you would back him up on his issue of stopping illegal immigration?
Does Heritage Banks make a profit from them? Do you realize that when our troops die in the name of a War on Terror, that wide open borders make it look like a political move?



A few weeks back at the Jeffco Men's Club, Marc Holtzman publicly endorsed Rick O'Donnell for your Congressional seat, so I guess Marc has no doubts that you're actually running for Governor even though you haven't officially said so. Do you support Rick as well for the Seventh?

Phoenix Rising


Thanks for taking the time to participate.

United Airlines' default on its pension obligations has left the Pension Guarantee Fund in questionable shape and opened the door for other financially troubled companies to dump their pension loads on the taxpayers as well. How can we avert this potential crisis? Isn't this a massive breaking of contract with current and former employees? Is it right that corporations can execute such a blatant transfer of obligations without penalty?



How about a little personal background? Wife, kids, highschool, etc? What did you do before you were elected to represent the 7th CD?



Although we have a had a pretty wet year so far, the drought is likely not over. What do think are some real, implementable solutions to Colorado's water problems?


Congressman Beauprez,

If elected Governor and a bill similar to Rep. Betty Boyd's emergency contraception bill reaches your desk will you sign it? In other words, are you inclined to sign a bill that stipulates that if hospitals with religious foundations choose to not administer this medical treatment to rape victims that they must at least inform that patient that such a treatment exists and other facilities might offer that option?


Congressman Beauprez,

If you can, could you please name 2 issues that you are more conservative than Gov. Owens on and 2 issues where you are less conservative than him? Thanks.


BTW Alan Salazar...my favorite Democrat is Congressman Mark Udall!


Rep. Beauprez,

Since you voted for Rep. Tom Delay's clause in the Energy bill to shield, two petroleum companies in his district and the Saudi Arabian company (the larests producer of MTBE's) with an office inhis district, from law suits by local governments to recover the cost of clean-ups, and further provided a corporate welfare reimbursement for discontinuing a product known as early as 1980 as a major pollution problem:

What do you tell the voters of CD7 how they will pay for the cleanup caost of the 20 contaminated sites in your District? Or if you run for Governor, where are the state's taxpayers to get the funds to clean-up the 128 known contaminated sites in the State?

I ask this question in the specific context of the fact that you received $10,000 from Delay's ARMPAc, $120,000 from oil and gas companies and $11,00 from the companies in DeLays's District that are directly benefited.

Lib Spellchecker

Mr. Beauprez:

Do you ever get sick of radical, LCV pawns like Jerry who don't even know how to type and/or spell?


In 2000, after the tragedy at Columbine, CO voters approved Amendment 22 by 70%. The most succesful ballot initiative in CO history requires background checks at gun shows. It has made it more difficult for criminals, terrorists, and illegal immigrants to obtain weapons. Governor Owens and Senator Salazar both endorsed this measure. President Bush also did in his 2000 campaign. Even, the National Association of Gun Dealers endorsed it, because they knew would help honest gun dealers who follow the law.

However, many states still allow this black market to continue. A federal law is the only solution.

Why have you not done anything to pressure the Republican leadership to follow Colorado's example?

HR Repub

Congressman Beauprez,

How do you respond to those that find you better suited serving your district, the state, and the party by continued service in the 7th? You are on a powerful committee and even if we keep the 7th in GOP control, we lose the efforts and work you have established, as well as the committee appointment. I will take two wins (you in the 7th, Holtzman for Guv) over risking losing both.


Jeffco activist -

Holtzman did not say he publicly supported O'Donnell. He said he was the first to donate to his campaign. Trust me, that is NOT his endorsement.

Susan B

You went after Dave Thomas in 2004 with some pretty vicious attack ads. Do you think all is fair in politics where attack ads are concerned, or is there a line you aren't willing to cross?

Thank you.

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