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Does anybody else think that sounds terribly phony and contrived? I think other candidates should take note and do the live version. All the panache and insight we got from live Q&A's in the past is completely lost here. The essay style answers are a bore and some of it doesn't sound like Bob at all.

I understand this is just an internet blog so it isn't a big deal. This obviously doesn't hurt the Congressman at all, but i don't feel it has helped him any. I mean if you are going to give canned answers that read like campaign lit or short answers from a midterm exam you might as well not waste your time doing this at all.


I would like to add that while I have no idea who answered these questions, many of the answers sound like something the Congressman would say, and I'm not accusing him of not answering, I'm just accusing the answers of being boring and contrived.

Ron Mexico

Bravo, Bobby. Sounds like the pragmatic congressman that's represented me for the last three years. He's going to make an excellent governor. Bill Owens "plus".


Thank you Congressman Beauprez for participating.

I did not like the campaign Beauprez ran against an honorable man Dave Thomas but maybe that was just politics and not personal. Even though I disagree with Beauprez political I liked the straight forwardness of all Beauprez's answers. I think Democrats could learn how to answer questions from Beauprez. Even if voters disagree with you they want straight forward answers of where you stand, they don't want to be pandered to. I think Beauprez should have done the live QA like Udall is doing but in any scenario this QA is grade A work. I will credit where credit is due.

Ter Ducken

Wow. Beauprez took a nice shot at Bridges there in question #2.


Canned responses or not, this sounds like a guy who's ready for prime time. Yeah, Ter, I saw that in #2. It looks like this guy is ready for a fight. Maybe mini-Marc has finally awakened Bobby's competitive spirit? Run away, little Marc, run away!

bobby fan

That's BS about these being canned answers. Have you ever heard Beauprez speak? The guy's a veritable oratorical juggernaut. If he were a boxer they’d call him Real Deal Holyfield!


You mean the Real Deal Holyfield who's part of a ballroom dancing reality show? The Real Deal Holyfield who stayed waaaaaayyyy too long in the ring and consistently got embarrassed by lesser opponents? The Real Deal Holyfield who, in his prime, couldn't beat Riddick "JailTime" Bowe?

Oops - guess I need to save this for the boxing blog...


On the topic at hand, that is a pretty nice shot BB takes at RB in #2. Meeeooowwww! Cat Fight! Cat Fight!


The Q&A Got it's own entry in the Hotline today!

41 COLORADO: Online, On Message
Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-07) did a Q&A with the CO Politics blog. Some excerpts: Beauprez, on not yet declaring officially: "I have filed a gubernatorial committee, hired a gubernatorial campaign staff, begun to raise money for a gubernatorial campaign and encouraged others to run for the seat I currently hold. I am somewhat surprised that there are still people out there who are unsure of my intentions." On why voters should choose him: "I believe my life experiences make me uniquely qualified to take on the tough issues facing Colorado. We need to address the state's budget problems in a fiscally responsible way, we've got to expand our water storage capacity, and we need to do a better job preparing our children for the 21st Century global economy. I have a proven record of accomplishments and will bring a positive vision to these and the other challenges facing our great state."
On alleged connections to House Maj. Leader Tom DeLay: "I haven't been in Washington for very long, but I've been here long enough to realize that the allegations and bickering surrounding Tom DeLay represent the most unfortunate and ugly side of politics. I'm just as eager as anyone else to resolve this situation so the Congress can stop politicking and start doing the people's business." On the removal of CO Rep. Joel Hefley (R) as ethics cmte chair: "The mainstream press has done a terrible job of accurately reporting the facts surrounding this situation. Committee chairmen in Congress are subjected to term limits. Congressman Hefley's term was up in January 2003. He was not 'removed' from his chairmanship."
On illegal immigration: "As governor, I would lead an effort to mobilize the National Governor's Association to petition Congress to get serious about this growing problem. Aside for the rather obvious threat to our national security that our open border policy invites, illegal immigration is a huge drain on our social services. Colorado's budget problems are bad enough without also having to pay for services for people who are in our country illegally." On a ballot measure to ban gay marriage: "Various iterations of this ballot language exist and I'm not sure of the specific language we might see here in Colorado, but I believe it is an issue that the vast majority of Coloradans agree upon. Agreeing as a state that we believe marriage is between a man and a woman isn't a radical notion and there are a lot of Democrats and unaffiliated voters out there who will vote 'yes' on such a measure."
On a connection between being a dairy farmer and Rep: "I've found that in politics sometimes 'stuff' splatters around too, and that some odors are far too familiar" (6/22).


I like that you are including questioners' names/handles.


BB v RB ? Way too early for these two to lose focus on their primary.

Phoenix Rising

I was a bit disappointed by some of Beauprez's "canned" answers; of course, as a politician, you get a spiel down that sounds good, bus so much of it lacked substance. E.g. in answer to my question about pensions, he mentions "pension reform"; what exactly is that? A lot of the "pension reform" ideas I've heard are "dump pensions, transfer into a 401k, and let the workers eat the lack of their guaranteed benefits". He also conveniently failed to address the lack of consequences for United having done that lousy maneuver.

Everything is important, but very few specific solutions were mentioned.

Lastly, I see Beauprez has jumped on the "insolvent in 11 years" bandwagon for Social Security. Bulletin to the GOP: they're called Treasury Bonds, and they're guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America. Ditch on them, and you can call our debt rating "junk-minus".


Don't discourage the BB v. RB fight, brownbuffalo! We could use some pol scraps in this state...way too much peace pipe smokin' lately.

Ron Mexico

Yo Phoenix, what part of this Social Security problem don't you get? Nobody is saying that treasury bonds are worthless. What the debate is about is WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM TO PAY FOR THEM. There's no "lock box." They are IOUs at this point. You all need to answer that question. How do we get the money? Maybe they should just raise your taxes, Phoenix. How's that sound? That solvent enough for you?


Whoa Ron. Gear down big shifter.

I think the frustration from fiscal conservatives like myself comes from the fact that Bush has allowed government spending to balloon at almost 30% since 2000 while cutting taxes for the wealthy. This is adding to the deficit and causing the solvency issue to come to ahead much sooner.

And who is going to pay for Bush's debt? Everyone that can't afford it with benefit cuts across the board because that is where money is going to come from. Each and every government program from social security to protecting our borders will be cut because we can't default on our treasury bonds so we will be forced to cut government services to pay the difference when solvency problem finally comes to ahead. This is exactly what starving the beast all is about. Republicans couldn't cut the programs they think are unnecessary because they are so popular so instead Bush has decided to spend our country into near bankruptcy to force the American people to get rid of these programs.

The issue isn't so much social security as the deficit.

And all those tax cuts the rich are enjoying right now are going to be a tax increase on future generations in the way of interest on the use of that money. So you are correct in the sense that Bush is increasing taxes...on future generation which I guess most Americans don't care about just as long as they are in the ground and don't have to worry about it.


Anyone who really knows Bob would not question his answers to the questions. I have known bob for several years on a personal basis and I know the answers are truly Bob's opinion. As I have observed Bo through his "political" years I have been impressed by his ability to be a true consensus builder. That is his strongest trait and one that is really needed in Colorado. We must get people on the same page and people of differing opinions agreeing on those things on which they can agree and moving ahead on those items. Let's not tear the state apart fighting over issues on which we will never agree and thus doing nothing to move the state forward. Bob can do this and he will be an outstanding governor!

Tom Graham

Bob's responses were very competent, reasonable and articulate, ever for the inane questions.


I've said it before and I'll say it again...Beauprez for President 2012!!!

More to the point, I think that the Congressman did an excellent job here on this blog. Republicans are in such a better position than the Democrats in this race.

That Not So Fresh Feeling

What a douche-bag. I guess it only takes 4 years in Washington to forget how to answer questions honestly and directly - or did Beauprez ever know how to do that?


Wow, the discourse on this site just hit an all time low. TNSFF, thanks for your witty response, very thoughtful.


TNSFF = Holtzman or Bridges imo. ;-)

charles smith

Today I am as outraged as I have ever been due to the Sup Court desision on the right of public domain.
This is the cour making laws not interperting the Constituion.

What can an individual do to correct this injustice? cs

charles smith

Today I am as outraged as I have ever been due to the Sup Court desision on the right of public domain.
This is the cour making laws not interperting the Constituion.

What can an individual do to correct this injustice? cs

Donald E. L. Johnson

Just got around to reading this Q & A.

1. Straightforward answers to some tough questions.
2. Thoughtful responses, probably edited before being submiltted.
3. Strong on illegal immigration, secure borders.
4. Looks pretty good in suggesting he opposes Ref. C and D.
5. Blows it on gay marriage and stem cell research.
6. Tells us who he is and what he wants to do as gov.
7. Good answers on SS and Iraq.

Out of the Salazar, Udall and Allard series of Q& As, this is the best I've seen. Haven't read Ritter, yet.

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