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Defero Veritas

So your search engine results should determine the most powerful people in Colorado?

Don't know what you're drinking over there but you should shut down the blog and spend time selling that...

Alva Adams

Calm down - you're taking this a little too seriously. Of course we don't think these search engine results prove anything. We're just having a little fun, but on a small level it is interesting to see who people are looking for more information about from week to week.

go don

I say we throw it so DELJ wins next week.


Well of course, colorado pols ....what other search engine should determine Colo's most powerful?...we're on it, aren't we?

Roger D

More interesting would be if the real names of the posters were used and how that would impact searches that lead to ColoPols.


Obviously, coloradopols sucks, since we're all reading it.

Plus, this any-email-you-want thing has to go.



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