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Thing to keep in mind here: during the session, legislators can not raise money from registered lobbyists. Matt Smith tested the limits of that law last year by saying he was raising money for a federal race, and state regulations didn't apply. But it's not a state campaign finance law, it's a state conduct of elected officials law. He got away with it, I believe - but it would sure make a great attack ad against any legislator who tries it again.


That's one of the many reasons why the first person with the guts to formally announce against Hefley will have a huge advantage.


Kind of funny all the talk over CD 7, Salazar and Musgrave -- six months ago all the Reps in the Legislature were salivating over the chance to run for Congress -- now one hears nothing -- If Lois Spradley goes she wins


You mean Lola? From my understandig, she's doing well on her own and doesn't miss the drama.

And it seems Tipton (in the 3rd) might just be the Republican to beat, after all.


Lola could put some serious money into the 3rd CD race, if she wanted to. I wouldn't be surprised to see her get involved, though I've always wondered why she didn't get in the race last time.

Is there anyone from Manitou Springs interested in getting involved in the 5th CD race? Or, what about Ken Clouber from Leadville?


That would be interesting. Don't know how the social conservatives would take to that, but it would be an interesting race.

Jeff Crank is a strong contender. However, he needs to remember that the powers-that-be in Colorado Springs and in the Republican Party establishment may view his Hefley ties as an obstacle to their support and not a virtue.


Yeah, Ken Clouber is a great guy...loved his energy and passion in the state senate, loved the way he moved the crowd at rallies in 2002. Who can forget that speech at the victory party in 2002?

Nevertheless, would the springs machine accept an outsider...unlikely. Jeff Crank may have Hefley support; but that really could hurt him with the NRCC, the RNC and with the national Republican leadership. He will have to work to distance himself for Hefley, a move that could be made by announcing first and before Hefley's public retirement announcement. They could work it out in private, of course; but, in public, it would provide Jeff Crank with the mojo to defeat most primary challengers.

not an outsider

It's nothing short of farcical to imply that the republican candidates will have to run from Hefley. He's known as being a thorn in the side of you Denver and DC republicans, yes, but around the Springs here he's revered by the activist base, and by the voters. He'll be an asset to whoever he supports.

Especially since the NRCC and other organizations won't be involved - very little Denver influence, even. This seat is far too safe in November for the NRCC to care, and probably too safe for the establishment candidate for anyone in Denver to meddle with.

chris lord

I want to be able to vote on illegals and benefits in November. It's my money. I want a say.

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