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Interesting indeed ...

Donald E. L. Johnson

MoveOn vs. DeLay? Which extremist has less credibility? Two peas in a pod. Let them stew.


MM must think she is invisible and invincible. How else can you explain her actions of late?


Is building homes for foster kids "extreme"? Most people don't know that Delay and his wife have for years done tireless work for foster kids. Stop picking on him because he is different from your radical left views. Why is it if a person is a Christian, he's called "extremist", but if you're a liberal, somehow you're normal.


First time post - felt compelled to respond to Suzi Q.

As a registered Republican and an Evangelical Christian - I'm personally appalled by DeLay's behavior. I wonder why other Christian's aren't up in arms over the ethical violations. Simply playing the 'christian' card to white wash unethical behavior is troubling enough, but when we are so blind to believe that any person is above sin, we're in trouble.

Politically DeLay has brought this on himself. Are the Dems jumping on it? Sure, we sure would if it were the other way around. Circling the wagons just makes us look stupid, unethical, and immoral.

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