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Political grandstanding. This story is over.

Kenevan McConnon

I wanna know who Dark Suit is; he's a felon.


This is just the democrats trying to make the white house look bad. Don't they have anything better to do? Obviously not.

Dark Suit

Maybe accused, never convicted -- fight club boy.



If Bill Clinton's goons had ever tossed three peaceful citizens who showed up at one of his tax-payer paid town hall meetings, for say, showing up having done nothing wrong but park a car with a bumpersticker calling for his impeachment, I am sure the howl from the Reppublicans would be on-going to this day. We probably would have had to endure congressional hearings. So, with all due respect to our disgruntled GOP brethren who think this case is about grandstanding, I have to supress a big "GIVE ME A BREAK." It is bullshit for the White House and the Secret Service to stonewall this incident.

Kenevan McConnon

The radical right is just a bunch of fascists in training. Will the terrorists stop hating us if Bush takes away our freedom? He's only trashed nine of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights. Thank God the 2nd Amendment is sancrosanct.

Dark Suit,
You are a pissant. I enjoy sparring as well as jawing. You're just part of 101st Typists I guess. You should volunteer for the army; their recruitment numbers are down. They're taking you if your under 40.


"Political grandstanding."

Investigating a felony is now conmsidered "political grandstanding" by Republican's.

Ahhh, right wing moral relativism at it's finest.

Of course you and the Denver news media refuse to report relevent facts about these three: They work for MoveOn.org.

Ter Ducken

Everybody knows that the Denver Three are Democrats with partisan views opposite the President. It's not a mystery, unnamed guy.

I don't give a rat's ass who they work for. What matters is that you could be thrown out of a public event because you don't agree with the President. That's scary, and it's wrong. Bush is not YOUR President. He's everyone's President. Just because I don't agree with him doesn't change that fact.

Dark Suit

I did my Combat Active Duty Time fight club boy, did you?

Be a real man and go door to door and support your candidate or better yet, run for Sheriff hot shot.

Small minds, small worlds and do I need to guess what everyone in your Junior High gym class already knows?

You're about as relevant as you are original.

Kenevan McConnon

Let's see, Bush supporters link porno. Kerry supporters real name and give their real email.

Dark Suit, you're a juvinile piece of work. I understand why you support Bush. He's your role model. Pissant.


Shouldn't it be "Dark Stuffed Suit"? Go back down to colfax and hang out. Let the adults discuss the serious issues.


Don't worry, right wingers. The fact that Dems see something in the non-story behind the Denver three proves it's over for them.

Indeed - imagine if the Clinton White House ever tried to cover (legitimate)things up?

Ignore the Democrats' complete lack of logic and wit, their flailing arms, and incessant whining, (as we continue to campaign against their tired agenda) and they'll go away. I promise.

Otherwise, we'll round them up into work camps.

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