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I hope you become US Congressman when Hefley retires.

Since you are term-limited, what will you do after the Colorado Senate if Hefley decides serve another term? What did you do before you were in the state legislature?

Alva Adams

This is not a "live" Q&A. Senator Lamborn won't be answering further questions.

Susan B

"I just think that everyone should be treated alike -- special rights for none and equal rights for all."

what a jerk. equal rights for all, except for gays and lesbians. he completely dodged that question and hid behind a bull**** answer that he clearly doesn't believe.


I had a chance to meet Senator Lamborn at a parade last summer. He was one of the most decent elected officials I've ever met, who really cared about the people he represnted. Hope he gets a chance to keep serving the people of Colorado in CD-5.


Hold on, there, Susan B.

“He completely dodged that question and hid behind a bull**** answer that he clearly doesn't believe.”

How do you know he doesn’t actually believe that? In fact – I’d suggest a majority of Coloradoans feel the same way; equal rights for everyone. But regardless of the ‘special rights’ discussion, I think that what Lamborn does or doesn’t believe in is not for you to judge.

This is the exact rationale he, and most other social conservatives, use as the basis for votes and positions. You can disagree with the premise, but don’t say whether he actually believes it or not.

Susan B

here's where I was coming from on that. he says that he doesn't think that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry, but that he believes in equal rights. that doesn't make any sense. you can't believe in equal rights if you would act to withhold rights from a certain group of people. Lamborn tried to prevent equal rights in the workplace and equal rights in marriage. he's entitled to his opinion, and I understand that. but he is not entitled to claim that he believes in equal rights when he clearly does not.


They have the right to marry someone of the opposite gender, just like anyone else.

We don't need to make special rights for them to marry someone of the same gender.

Phoenix Rising

COrepub - I'm assuming that was a joke, right?

truth now please

Did anyone else think that did an injustice to the intent of the Q&A sessions on this blog? The Senator's responses seem to have been written by an aide in about 10 minutes. I've heard the Senator speak dozens of times, and that was not him writing those responses. That was the same unoffensive political rhetoric that I hear from every conservative pundit on these issues. I was hoping to hear something informative and insightful from a member on the inside of the State Senate, but I didn't learn a single new tidbit.


I've had the pleasure of personally meeting Mr. Lamborn. He is sharp, well-spoken, and is sticking up for us! He is the right man for the job. Here's to our next U.S. Congressman!

Merl Sorensen

The recorded phone calls are annoying. Please delete my numbers from future calls.

Merl Sorensen

Doug Lamborn's Flesh

Fuck that evangelical right-wing zealot. Ask him if his son partys and then see if he is really all that into christian values.

Merl Sorensen

I want it known that I DID NOT post the derogatory comments regarding Doug Lamborne starteing "F*** that...." This was obviously posted by some coward without the cajones to post in his own name and for some reason has me on his/her hate list. Probably because I'm outspoken and unafraid to use my real name. Just more BS from a gutless and probable left-winger.

Gail L. Pepin

Your view of having the terrorists not be in Colorado's Super Max are unrealistic. Where else in this country would they be more guarded and not be at risk for escape? Super Max is the best prison for people like that. Once they are in Super Max; they stay there.

Frank Flory

The Republican Party is so full of crap! You're constantly misquoting Americas's concerns about a National Health program as being something, 'the Amercian people don't want.' You and your do-nothing colleagues have no idea what the American people want, except for those few perverted, disrespectful and disorganized Tea Party groups that need to be tossed into jail for their slanderous and racially biased remarks. As it happens a great many American people DO want a National Health program, so drop the political bullshit-scamming technique. You're not fooling anyone. AS always, the GOP doesn't know what the hell they're doing much less what they stand for.

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