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Phoenix Rising

I'd like to correct part of Donald's statement in his questions to Senator Allard:

Ethanol is indeed an energy-negative product (at a ratio of about 0.75:1), though recent research seems to indicate that an efficiency breakthrough is possible.

However, Biodiesel is and has been energy-positive in the extreme (2.3:1). It is still more expensive than petro-diesel, but new processing methods already in existence should change that within 5 years. Additionally, a new algae-based biodiesel plant is being built which will also lower costs.

Phoenix Rising

Just a suggestion: can we get an archive page devoted to all of the past Q&A's? It would be nice to see who has already been here, and what they said - all in one convenient page...


The main benefit to ethanol and biodiesel is that we aren't dependent on foreign NATIONS for our fuel. Somehow that distinction completely missed Donald.

Alva Adams

Past Q&As are listed underneath the Governor Line on the left.

Phoenix Rising

That's all of them? Okay. I obviously bypass that section of the page visually [sheepish grin].

Marshall, you miss Donald's point: ethanol is an energy-negative fuel; that means that unless you use a domestic energy source to produce it, you're burning even more fuel than you would if you just used petrol. We use it because we're supporting corn farmers and because it is an oxygenator without the harmful side-effects of MTBE, and that latter fact is its true usefulness. Corn farmers can also farm soy, which is one source of biodiesel oil and probably the source of Donald's complaints, but canola and mustard also produce great biodiesel oils, and those crops are farmed here in-state by winter wheat farmers.


As you pointed out ethanol and biodiesel have the hope of freeing us from our dependence on Middle East oil while I am not sure exactly what we are getting from continuing to subsidize tobacco farmers. If you want something to filibuster over I think that might be a more logical target but then again we are talking about Donald. Is it the weekend yet

Phoenix Rising

Hmm - maybe we could stop subsidizing tobacco farmers if we did something logical, like legalizing Hemp.

While we're at it, why are we subsidizing the oil industry? It's not like they're hurting for cash...

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