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Just wondering why its mandatory to put in your email address when 80 per cent of the emails entered are fake...


80 percent? Are you kidding?


Not all of them are fake-just the one's who aren't courageous enough to put their real addresses


Civilized anonymity. I agree with BA, ed and ziik. Stop requiring an email address! Everyone seems to behave themselves in this forum and when they don't the dead govs yank their posts.


Brennanne83. Courageous? Wow, what a sheltered life you must lead to think that a person's courage is tied to their ability to put an e-mail address on a blog.

Several individuals use fake e-mail addresses, because, they don't want site scanners and web crawlers to pick up their address and be placed on spam lists.

Then, there is another set of folks who probably wouldn't be able to participate, because of their positions, in these discussions if they couldn't do it with civilizd anonymity...something I am sure Alva Adams understands. ;)


It is likely the website itself collects info from its cookies, so anonymity may be assured betwixed readers, but not necessarily between posters and website owners.

I know my cookies are stored thusly,
Documents and Settings\My Realname\[email protected]

So, I am still holding back. Wish I could dish, but I'd like to continue to work.

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