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So I was bored today and started doing a little digging on the Secretary of State's web site. I was looking at small donor committees, political committees, etc... I pulled up the listing for the CO AFL& CIO. I thought I would check into how much money they gave last cycle. Now, in Colorado a small donor committee can only accept contributions of $50 or less.

Also, you do not have to itemize contributions under $20. Well, guess what, ALL of the AFL&CIO contributions were under $20. Therefore, in the month of November they received $117,111 in contributions, all under $20. If you do the math at $19.99 per person, that means at least 5858 people gave to AFL&CIO. Now repeat this, to some degree every other month during the cycle.

I don't know how many union members there are in Colorado, but that seems very strange to me!

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