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I have nothing to say, just wanted to beat DELJ.


Maybe you should make a list of why DELJ will post in this open thead also. DELJ likes lists.


Salazar ended up voting against CAFTA? I always thought they needed 60 votes to get that through, I guess not, the vote was 54-45. I am not an expert on "Free" Trade, however, after what happened when NAFTA passed I doubt this will do anything good for most of the country. Now I wonder if this will pass the House.

From REUTERS: "Opponents estimate that as many as 190 Democrats and 40 Republicans in the House are opposed to CAFTA, more than the 218 needed to defeat the pact. Supporters say those numbers include some undecided members who could still be swayed."


You have got to be kidding--Mr.Marc at the top of your list? Does anyone out there know how strange this guy is? Take a guess as to when he first voted in Colorado? And what do you think he was doing when he was in "Eastern Europe" all those years? Take it from someone who knew him in Pennsylvania-this guy is a phony. Want to bet what he does when its time to release tax returns, say, for the last ten years? He will be toast, and so will the Republican Party if he is the nominee.


I refuse to vote for any candidate who Joel Hefley actively supports, until the day that Hefley comes clean with his constituents and announces his retirement to the public.


Guess what D.F.W.T.D. stands for? He's a hint...Joel Hefley is finding this out the hard way.


Hey, what about the latest rumor--that Ed Perlmutter has made all his staff hires contingent on BB not running in the 7th? That's the word on the street.


Hey...what if DELJ is Alva Adams evil twin brother?


It's nice to see all the Governor's people posting here. I'm sure Bill was LIVID when he read Marc's comments in the Post today - and am willing to bet he's opened fire against Holtzman and everyone associated with him.

Nice, Governor. You're a great role-model for Republicans...


Wow...govfolks...you are truly insane.

You don't have a neighbor named Hank Hill do you? Is your real name Dale?



watch out...

i think the black helicopter are coming for you...

Defero Veritas

Speaking of Holtzman, BIG rookie mistake detailed in the Post this morning. Seems he sent out an e-mail to supporters trying to get them to back date checks to June 30th, but state law says checks must be deposited by June 30.

The Rocky also has an article detailing a more serious issue -- Marc Holtzman sent his campaign e-mail to state workers at their state e-mail address. Does he just not know any better? Will there be a possible ethics complaint filed here?


I thought Dirk Hallen was the Political Director over there. This article says Laura Teal. Did Dirk quit? Or did he take on a different role?


Dirk is doing bigger things. Teel is doing org and political until the staff fills out.


Really? an email sent by a volunteer to a guys personal rolodex. Yes - a mistake, but jeez - not anywhere close to the Beauperz offices being in league with LPR.



There is no reason to hire a staff this far out, neither Peggy nor Ed need to be wasting money when they both have talented and experienced volunteers. But what is not rumor is that yesterday I got a call asking me to help Ed reach the "magic $100k mark" - and the call came from someone who has been working with Ed since last November.

And it isn't rumor that in just two weeks the FEC data will be there in vivid black and white for all to read. And while I don't know the precise figure that the campaign has raised, we passed $100k some time ago. I can't bring myself to believe that we (Peggy) will actually have more money than Ed, but if that turns out to be the case....well, its going to be a brawl for the Democratic nomination in the 7th CD for the next 13 months. Personally, I think we are going to be about $10-15,000 behind Ed - and that ain't bad. But if we have matched or raised more than Ed, the fundraising will only get easier for us.


Sandra Day O'Connor is announcing her retirement today.

The brawl of all brawls could be about to begin.


Final Answer: Don't F**K with Tom Delay? What do I win? And what is the story there?

Hugo O'conor

This is an interesting explanation of tax credits. It's not TABOR related but it gives good insight into how tax credits are applied.


it's also pretty old, but interesting just the same.


Anybody catch the feature that Roll Call did on the 4th District race? Pretty interesting stuff.

Donald E. L. Johnson

I sure wish the moderator would give his posts headlines that will make it easier to find them in the archives.

"Whoa" doesn't do it for me.

We need a search engine around here.



Can you post the article here? I don't have a subscription to Roll Call, but would be interested in what the article says about Paccione/McKinley's chances.

Personally, I don't see how a Dem wins that seat.


Well, its a pretty long article so it might not be a good idea to post it in a thread. Maybe Alva could post it.

its jeff

I never noticed before today that CP has ads. So this is a for profit web site? Interesting. You need better ads though.


looks like Karl Rove could be headed to Federal Prison

pretty sloppy on Karl's part, he usually does a good job of keeping his fingerprints off of the dirty tricks stuff like this.

from tonight's McClaughlin Group, here's what Lawrence O'Donnell had to say about the Plame investigation....

"What we're going to go to now in the next stage, when Matt Cooper's emails-within Time Magazine, uh, are handed over to the grand jury is the ultimate revelation, probably within the week of who his source is. And I know I'm going to get pulled into the grand jury for saying this but the source of-for Matt Cooper was Karl Rove, and that will be revealed in this document dump that Time Magazine's going to do with the grand jury."

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