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Bob B. leaves Musgrave out on the range constantly, as well. I wonder how he backs up Tancredo?


If Hefley endorses Holtzman, I will not vote for Holtzman. Unless Hefley also announces his retirement at the same time.

HR Repub

I have heard each of the "candidates" including Scott McInnnis who was the speaker last week at our breakfast club and I line them up this way right now. 1, Holtzman. 2, McInnis. 3, Beauprez.


Former Colorado Dem Chair Chris Gates suggested on his radio program a couple of weeks back that Beauprez and McInnis have made a deal not to run against each other. Rather, that is Beauprez's race to run but if he drops out (which Gates thinks he will) McInnis is stepping in to take on Holtzman. You guys think that there is any truth to that? After all, this is the guy who repeatly said that Sen. Campbell was going to retire months before it became public knowledge. None the less, it will be interesting to see if this rumor pans out.


Hey Jeff Wasden, err, I mean HR Repub: your lineup is proof positive why you got beat last year,. You have no political sense. Maybe you could check in again after BB is Gov and begin your prognostications for '08.


Right now, Scottie's turmoil is between his ambition and his pocket book. He's waiting for the sure bet--to be the #1 gov candidate once he declares.

One "ace in the hole" McInnis has that no other gov candidate, R or D can boast, is the West Slope voters. You can't win the state without winning "the west" and that would make McInnis the candidate "with the best hand" going into the governor's race.

John Salazar's congressional race could be hampered by a McInnis run as well, and McInnis's influence could spill into the house and state senate seats that West Slope Democrats wrestled away from the Republicans.

Fortunately, McInnis has been caught with some cards up his sleeves, but is it enough to stop him?


Wasden: when did you become a Holtzman supporter? Can't imagine you'd be lining up behind a gubernatorial candidate this early, unless you had decided not to run for HD 43.


knowing you rascally republicans - i just assumed that was someone posting under someone elses name. who posts something, signs it annonymously, them puts their real email address??


Nice try "thinkin," I mean Wasden.

This is my simple analysis:

1. McInnis was at the HR breakfast last week.
2. Wasden was there.
3. He has posted here before.
4. He has used his real email address before.

I think you just screwed up, its funny that's all.


Geez Wasden, that's pretty gutsy taking on Beauprez in the middle of your own primary. That takes Hickories.

There's a rumor flying around DougCo, and I was wondering if you would confirm or deny it. The rumor is that you are going to run for Surveyor in 08 if things don't work out in 06, and Assessor in '10 if things don't work out in '08.

Is this true?

Talk about the permanent campaign.


No, Frank - that's not a rumor - that's spin from the McNulty camp. Talk abut Hickories.


Nice try, Jeffy. Frank is on vacation in Missouri this week. But, I'll let him know that you are thinking about him.

how you say...

Hey Jeffk, I bet head to head Wasden takes you to the woodshed when you both run for HRCA in 2042. He'll be a 12-term incumbant by then and you'll still just be a semi-witty challenger aspiring for the top job.


wasn't McNulty the campaign manager for Wasden last year? what's with the bad blood? you boys better learn to play nice or we dems just might sneak in and win


I don't think dems are allowed to live in Highlands Ranch. It is a covenant controlled community.


I think Wasden initiated a quota program so he could eventually switch his registration.


Once again republicans are chewing on republicans. When are we going to learn? Let's stick to the issues - who is going to raise our taxes? Who is going protect our property rights and our gun rights?

Whether its Holtzman, Beauprez Wasden or McNulty we ought to ask the same questions.

Holtzman has the luxury of being for anything he wants as he has no public record. Beauprez is the real deal and has a strong Republican record that fits Colorado. McInnis is close but the ambition and raw politics are a little to obvious for me to believe that he actually believes in his votes.

Wasden? HR board - all I know is that my fees have gone up. So did Wasden support those increases?

McNulty - Similar to Holtzman he does not have a voting record but we can look at who he has worked for and get an idea of where he stands - Allard and Owens are a nice mix for someone running for office.


Based on the nature of the response from Masden's imaginary friends, at least we now know that it is indeed Masden who is anti-Beauprez. Proving his intellectual heft once more, the Honorable Member of the DC HOA not so subtly shifted from saying "It wasn't me who attacked BB," into the more comfortable mode of calling the vacationing Frank McNulty nasty names.

So set the record straight mASSden: are you really anti-BB?

From now on, I say that Masden be referred to on this site as Ole' Hickories.

Once upon a time in a land high above sea level lived a frequently unsuccesful professional political candidate named Ole' Hickory. (Feel free to finish this story Friends)


of course Wasden supported a fee increase, how do you think the rec. centers operate? he's not fiscally conservative and he's absolutely not socially conservative -- maybe he figures its the only way he can get a job in douglas county politics -- run to the right, lead from the left. sure sounds a lot like flip-flopping to me.


Any word on who else is running in Doug Co.? That Doyle guy announced ages ago. I heard rumors that the clerk may also jump into this.


Yep. Carol Murray, Bryant Doyle and McD is a definate. But at last reporting period, Bryant had $500 - from himself. We're all watching to see how much longer before he resigns the race to Murray.


The broader party conservative establishment (including money) will be Frank's. He's energetic and a knowledgeable policy and political hand, like Cory Gardner (Brophy replacement) and Rob Wittwer (Wittwer replacement) as well as Rob Phillion out on the plains. Throw these guys in with the other up and comer GOP freshman who survived the 2004 GA disaster (Penry and Knoedler) and you start to get a picture of the systematic movement to build a next generation of GOP leadership in the GA. The Dem leadership's days are #'d.


not really. If that's what Frank is counting on - he's in a world of hurt. A lot of people are friendly to he and his wife - but Carol will carry the day. Plus - frank has managed to disagree with several folks concerning is efforts for the gov. He'll need to explain a lot of his testimony and raise a lot of cash.


Carol is in a similar position to the people who ran against Wittwer and Gardner: all resume (and even that is middling), no mojo. And based on the tenor of the parties $ leaders, don't worry about the cash situation, dougco. Frank is the chosen one in this race because he has the tools and abilities to be another leader in the parties larger GA push.


how's it going down there at the DC women's crisis center laura, I mean "dougco". you really in it for Holtzman? do tell.

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