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I can't believe Laura took a job w/ Holtzman. And I read she'll be doing organization?

Is that guy even going through the convention? Is he even a conservative? I heard he was just going to try and raise a bunch of money and petition on the ballot. You know, the "inspire the masses" route.

Money can buy a lot of things, but a soul isn't one of them.

Jump ship Laura, while you still have yours.


Does Holtzman have anyone supporting him who isn't being paid to do so? LT should be ashamed of herself for selling out to an ass-kissing fraud like Holtzman. When the truth comes out about this guy, a lot of people are going to be very embarassed that they associated themselves with him.

HR Rep

How nice. Republicans with computers pretending to be me. 11th Commandment? For the record, I am not anti BB. I think he is hands down our best Congressman and he belongs right there, on the powerful Ways and Means. You can speculate and play games all night pretending to post under my name. I just got back from a tennis match so nice try. No ill will here toward any of the candidates- They are all great people- period. Lets knock off the high school student government election and understand the importance of keeping our seats under GOP control and winning the Gov are the goal.


Thank you, HR Rep. And right on. Yes - Bob should keep his promise to those in the 7th and to the ways and means and fulfill the obligations he made to everyone who helped him get elected.


The obligation Bob made to those who heped him get elected was to serve the two years he was elected to serve. Insisting that he's obligated to spend his entire life in that congressional seat is absurd, and contrary to the principles of democracy.


OK - I'll ask the question... how in the heck did a sophomore legislator even GET Ways and Means? What deals did people make for him - and just who is he reniggiing on by leaving early?

Defero Veritas

Remember? Bob was strongly encouraged to run for the Senate last year to defeat Salazar, but instead he ran for the 7th and so when the new Congress was getting organized he was offered a spot on Ways and Means. I think there are actually four sophomores on that committee... but regardless, the same "he should stay because he's on the XX & XX committee" arguement could apply to any committee on the Hill. It's nonsense. The fact is as Governor, with those relationships in Congress, he can have enormous pull for Colorado.


Oops, Maybe you should change the title of this post to Hefley for Beauprez. Beauprez announced yesterday on the Joesph Machelli Show (Colorado Springs) that Hefley was endorsing him for Governor.

Defero Veritas

Why does Holtzman keep making this stuff up? It's just like the Elway thing. Has anyone actually asked Elway if he plans to campaign for Holtzman? I heard a ride on the Holtzman bus was not on #7's schedule...


No - this wasn't leaked from the Holtzman Campaign - this is a classic Marshall tactic. He made up the story - expecting the Holtzman campaign to issue a clarification. They didn't fall for it - and now Marshall loses even more credibility.


Laura/Dirk: Sorry your guy didn't actually get the Hefley nod. Maybe next time you should firm it up before announcing it publicly.

Soon Elway will go bye bye. The whole Nancy Reagan thing will be exposed as a lie and your quarterly will show 80% of your money coming from east of the Mississippi. Good news is, Marc doesn't need a job. Bad news is: the two of you will.

Dirk: I am truly sorry that you have to work with LT. But, shouldn't be for too much longer. . .


Representative Bob Beauprez was given a position on the Ways and Means Committee as a sophomore to replace the seat held by Colorado previously with Scott McInnis. Yes...that is the way it works.

With him gone though, Colorado has no viable replacements to keep that position.


A classic Marshall tatic? Please give a couple of other examples to prove your point. Next thing the Holtzman folks will blame on Marshall is their mistake of hiring LT.


This is a typical Holtzman tactic. Float out a self serving rumor and then deny it in public to boost your standing. He did this a few years ago when somehow some rumor (gee, don't know from where) came out that he was going to run for the Lt. Gov seat. He was of course bewildered as to the source of the rumor and of course forcefully denied it, but was as I am sure, aw shucks, flattered to be considered.


Get over it guys. Keep this up and the dem.'s will beat us for sure. This is not a campaign between campaign workers - but candidates. You're muddying up your own guys with this bs.

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