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I don't see how threatening Mexico helps get Gomez here. It doesn't seem to stop the flow of immigration.

Where is Holtzmann on this? Isn't he the person who should be going after BB?


It's great to finally see a Democrat who understands rapid response!

Phoenix Rising

Someone reads ColoradoPols, methinks...


doesn't everyone?

right move politically? probably. imo rutt should stick to think-tanking. his money's better served where it might make a difference than wasting it on an election he can't win.


I'd like to see Butt Ridges put forward a plan to bring cop killers to justice. But, maybe he is too worried about politically incorrect speech to spend any time on that important issue.


Maybe his plan is to let the current laws work - a radical left wing concept!

It depends on your definition of 'brought to justice'. If the death penalty is your definition, you won't ever get him from Mexico with that - that isn't allowed according to an US-Mexico treaty. Life in jail is easily available done once extradited through current laws, with all of the additional charges that could be brought against him.

Government is slow, which means extradition is slow. Even if he was in Denver right now, the trial wouldn't start for at least 6 months. There is a case to prepare, and unless he pleads guilty, there will be a trial.


Sure, "maybe" that is Butt's plan. Of course, none of us would know that since he is so busy grandstanding instead of talking about the issue.

Donald E. L. Johnson

So silly.

Chauncy B

Attention Bill Ritter, Joan Fitzgerald, Peggy Lamm and Ed Perlmutter. You all should have beaten Butt Ridges - thanks jama - to the punch. Not too late though...Send a release! There's blood in the water for cyin out loud.

Susan B

i agree. i'm amazed that any democrat figured this out, but it's ridiculous that these other guys never got around to it. you have to give bridges credit here, if only for being the LEAST incompetant.

Phoenix Rising

Or the most attentive to this site, anyway.

I agree with peterco; this is like watching the Social Security debate or Congress on Schiavo all over again - Republicans stepping up to solve a "crisis" that doesn't exist. Do we have a problem with allowing the legal system to actually work? Are we so out for "blood" with Gomez-Garcia that we can't give him justice?

I admit he did something heinous, but that doesn't deny him access to the justice system any more than the acts of those in Abu Ghraib or Gitmo deny them access to some form of justice. Oh, wait...


Go Rutt Go!

It's about time someone (read: a Democrat) stepped up to the plate! I'm so tired of the Dems sitting down, biting their nails because they are afraid to take a stand.

I find it amazing that Beauprez just now realized he had a poor choice of words. He didn't before anyone called him on it. That's not what we want in a Governor, is it?


Rich white guy gets all his information concerning Mexican foreign policy from experiencing vacations there.
This has got some legs!
So what? A few more rich white guys won't vacation there...ya right. That'll happen!


What a lame response from Beauprez, and a great hit by Bridges!


Go Bridg... wait, who? what? This was stupid - Bridges looks petty and irrelevant by taking political cheapshots on a very emotional issue. He's already taking a lot of heat for not going on the air to defend his statement.


Phoenix Rising - I completely disagree,
Gomez-Garcia is accused of committing a crime in our country and justice would be him facing the same laws and punishments that every other person in this country would face if they were accused of the same crime.

Why are we negotiating with Mexico? Extradite Gomez-Garcia (and other accused criminals) or face the consequences. And of course Bush is MIA while on his traveling do nothing to solve social security side show instead of taking care of any real problems. Bush seems to enjoy being more a carney than actually doing his job even though I feel like it would be an insult to the fine carney trade to compare carnies to Bush. No offense meant.


Why are we negotiating with Mexico!?! Because that is what governments, legal systems, resonable people do... because we eventually want Gomez-Garcia to face justice in an American court... because Pheonix Rising is right. This is
"stepping up to solve a "crisis" that doesn't exist. Do we have a problem with allowing the legal system to actually work?"
The legal system was working, and will continue to work...


Holy cow - stunned twice in 24 hours. First, BB makes a dumb move politically. Then, will wonder never cease, Bridges jumps on it.

Good for Rutt - this is the kind of quick response campaigning that Democrats seem not to understand in Colorado. And, the groundswell forced the opponent, BB, to issue an apology of sorts.

See, Donkeys, it does work. Got get 'em Rutt.


Unfortunatly, we're seeing the results of what happens when you cross a congressman with a candidate for Governor. He's doing, easily, 6 events each weekend - *plus* donor calls - in addition to his congressional duties. It's no wonder he doesn't want a full-fledged campaign this early out; his Campaign Staff is wacked out and his Congressional Staff still dealing with wiplash from the constituents of the 7th who don't want to lose their Republican representation.

Positive Press is always good, so I can understand why he'd want to make this an issue, but this gaffe might just prove that he's overwhelmed a bit. Note to the Campaign: get the guy some sleep and perspective.


Conservative Dem, not afraid to stand up to the R's, successful self made business man, not to mention the knowledable Jim Merlino of the (Salazar) CD3 success helping him conect to the rural areas. Governor Bridges sounding very good.


Look - at least Bob Beauprez said he was sorry. And it was a heck of a lot better then the statement Salazar made after that stupid anti-christ comment. I'm inclined to agree with Rep., BB just should have stopped talking once he made his point - he didn't, tried to drive the point home and instead made a dumb comment. Enough Said. Give the guy a break like you all did with Ken.

Phoenix Rising

Yeah, he said he was sorry and then made the comparison that Mexico was a child to be punished. Great apology.


Gomez-Garcia murdered a POLICE OFFICER and people are concerned about a reference that Bob Beauprez made! The greatest offence here is that a person entered this country illegally, murdered a police officer and then was assisted in getting out of the country, all actions are a crim. But the greatest concern is that a non-complimentary remark was made about the country that the killer came from. WOW, Has all of America lost its awareness of what is important? Yes, all countries should be treated with respect, but so should human life and justice.

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