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No Money

I don't care right now about how much money BB supposedly has raised. Can we be spared from that for one comment thread?

Maybe talk about if BB is touring the state (nothing on the congressional site), having more than a banner for a governor page, just something else please. Thank you.


You guys scoop me, again.

I’ve also heard word; Bob Beauprez had dinner last week with his “good friend John Hickenlooper” who assured Bob he has no intention of running for governor.

And according to Beauprez himself, Salazar has said the same thing, as well.

Time to totally remove Hickenlooper AND Salazar.


Cut Beauprez a little slack, he has been doing his job as a congressman. What do you expect? How can he be touring the state and raising money and at the same time doing his good job as congressman. He is a man of integrity. He could very easily have deserted the people of the 7th district and focused full time on his gubernatorial run. Unlike Holtzman, who is unemployed, Bob has a job. He has his priorities straight. He will win the Governor, because he is true to himself and the people he represents and that means a lot.


Holtzman has a job...if you consider being rich a job. Then he's a full time employee.


It looks like Beauprez also has paid staffers posting on blogs. I'd say that gives him a definite edge over Holtzman.


I take it you are implying I (or other posters here) are working for Beauprez. Well I can guarantee I'm not working for anyone. I just know the situation as you all do and I have my opinons. I would never work for a politician anyway.


"Holtzman has a job...if you consider being rich a job."

Ya, that and running a university. You're right, you clearly know the situation.


ha ha. I know he runs a Univeristy but how hard of a job is that? Espically DU? Sorry but I know the goings on behind that school and it's not exactly mechanical engineering.


Sorry to hear you are unemployed heavenly, or you are self employed.

And running a university? Look at Betsy Hoffman and how difficult she made it. In comparison, Holtzman did a damn fine job.

If you want, you can ask BB in the Q&A whether he has people post here. I'm sure the Dead Govs know, since they are using a fairly robust tracker system on this site.


I am not unemployed. You are either dense or your implying that everyone who works, works for some type of politician and in the long run you may be correct, but I don't see myself as someone who does. Betsy Hoffman made it hard on herself and was good at being a drama queen. Her school and board of regients (sp?) and coaches, faculty etc. Didn't help out any. This is what I was saying about DU, it doesn't have these problems for Holtzman to deal with, and I never said he was doing a bad job, just that he had an easy job. DU isn't exactly a hard school to run. Yes, you do have to watch out for the occasional prankster and pot smoker but overall DU is like the mouse among the rats. BB may have people post on here, I know a few people who post for their bosses/friends etc. I was just saying that I'm not one of them.


Or I was purposely misreading the statement for my own humor. After actually reading into Holtzman's job, I wonder what the hell his job actually was other than endowment fundraising. Look at DU's site and try to find a webpage for the president. Hint: there isn't one, but he does have an office. I know more about CU, so maybe it isn't a real room?

Betsy caused controversy remember, with her Chaucer justification, waffling on Barnett, and saying that she had offers for other university that were just lies.


So, tell us Alva, are you tracking our I.P. addresses??

Alva Adams

Are we tracking your IP addresses? No. Why would we?


Didn't think you would, just hoping to get an answer to the question, since it is in the rumor mill.


What does 3dstats.com track then? Looking at their 'live demo' shows just that. I don't think it gives you who posted, but still you do get our IP addresses, don't you?

Alva Adams

COULD we track your IP address? Theoretically, I suppose, but it's much more technical than we have the time or the know-how to accomplish. We're not computer geeks; we're political geeks.

The only stats we're really tracking are visitors, referrals, and key word searches, because it's interesting to see what people are searching for as a barometer of issues and candidates who are gaining interest (but we don't have any idea WHO is searching). We primarily want to know how many people visit every day.

Are we tracking what computer your comment came from, Peterco? No -- for two reasons: 1) we really don't care, and 2) we really don't know how to do that anyway.


I was just going from what they had on their website. I wouldn't pay $10/month for tracking statistics - you can get sitemeter for $60/year.

Just FYI.


"Beauprez" ? what is that, FRENCH? No way will some frenchman get my vote. I'm a REAL American Patriot.

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