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A Fan

Go, Mark, Go!

Dan O.

Here's a link to an editorial today by Hillman on Colorado's budget "crisis" http://www.chieftain.com/editorial/1117963804/5 and here's a link to his blog, albeit with few entries so far: http://www.markhillman.com/

Also a Fan

I doubt Stengel will jump in this point. He seems to have very little support both grassroots and financially behind him. I think his best bet is to wait for Sen. Dyer's seat to open up.


Do the Dems have anyone in sight to run for Treasurer other than Chris Romer? I haven't heard anything about Romer in months... I think Bernie Buescher would be a much better choice.


I think Bernie would be a great choice if Chris doesn't run. Having said that I hope Bernie doesn't run! His seat (baring a minor miracle) would be a Republican pickup in the next election.

One and Done

Bernie "One and Done" Buescher's seat is going to be a Republican pick-up THIS election cycle.


Why don't you try running Shari Bjorkland against him again? Please? Pretty please?


Hillman's coming off a strong legislative session that's earned him plenty of praise, including from the media. He is also a hard campaigner and will definitely be tough to beat. He should have no problem in the primary, but I would be curious who the D's will throw at him. Will it just be a sacrificial lamb or a real contender? Will they have enough resources that will trickle down from the governor's race?


Why don't you guys start a treasurer line?

One and Done

Bernie's worst nightmare, Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland, is being drafted into the State House race by the Governor and Mesa County Republicans. Like I said, ol' Bernie is One and Done.

GJ Native

Janet Rowland would be tough, the Party would unite behind her, she's smart and Orbanek would have a tough choice on who the paper would back. Great news from god's country! The GOP may actually have their act together this cycle.


Are you sure you can't Shari to run again? Please. :o(


Shari earns the record for Most Expensive Self-Delusion last cycle when she blew over $140,000 of her own money to lose badly in a Republican district. Guest what?? It's gonna take more than that to beat Bernie -- an moderate incumbent on the Joint Budget Committee who had no problem raising $140,000 from his many friends. You're gonna need to collect checks from Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, Budah, and Yaweh in order to beat Big Bernie.


Janet would be a great candidate in that House race. A smart, qualified public servant that can make Bernie eat his abysmal voting record would be just what the doctor ordered in 55.


I am fairly sure that, until today, no one has ever, ever called Bernie Buescher "Big Bernie."


"Big Bearnie"? JBC to DOA.


House 55 has over a twenty point GOP registration advantage, and is the only place on the west slope that somewhat reliably votes party. Any warm body not named Bjorklund will beat Buescher, and nothing the JBC does will stop it.


And this just in - Coloradans for Cofffman is reporting just over $70k available to roll over into the Secretary of State's Race - this after money from the gov race was returned last month.

That's a lot of money for a relatively small race.

Rock 5

Well then that is the finaly nail in the coffin for Stengel. With Hillman already so far ahead, Coffman with so much money in the bank, there is nothing for Joe to do now but wait for Dyer to go away.


Janet Rowland: any liberal, caucasian, middle aged mans worst nightmare. She's bright, attractive, effective and the kind of person you wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee with. This spells disaster for the Dems in HD 55!

Ken Yersin

As a resident of Burlington,Co I know the other side of Mark Hillman that many people do not know.

Here is a guy who gained polictical office only by boycotting his home town businesses and as chairman of a committee(ACT) who hired private investagators to look into the private lives of city elected officals and their families.

Mr. Hillman is nothing more than a cheap vigilante masquerading as a politician.

Ken Yersin

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