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Even if Fitz-Gerald is considering a run for governor, she will need to time her announcement very carefully. Ref C will give her a decent platform to improve her ID around the state. However, early polls are showing a real dogfight for passage. Now, if she stakes her future on Ref C, a likley announcement may come in Nov. if the measure passes. If the measure fails, she may be perceived as weak and will need to rebuild as Pres of the Senate.

Not to mention, she also needs to be wary of an even more contentious legislative session. Will she be able to spend the appropriate time and resources to campaign while controlling the Senate? Can she give up the position and step down to focus on the race leaving the power of the Senate in Gordon's hands (heaven help us!)?

If you think Bridges botched his announcement, Fitz-Gerald has the potential of imploding on a poorly timed announcement.


Joan's career as a politician may garner insider support for a nomination, but she would get killed in a general election.


Joan's ego shouldn't write checks her voting record can't cash.


Joanie has become a star -- if she runs she is the favorite to win the nomination --
she could raise $3 million for a primary tussle -- will she have to step down as Senate Leader to run?

Phoenix Rising

She is up for re-election to her Senate seat in 2006, so yes, I believe she'd have to step down to run.

Phoenix Rising

Erk - correction. She'd have to choose whether to run for Gov. or State Senate, but she could retain her position as Senate Leader in '06 during the campaign.


Despite a very weak Secretary of State ruling, Fitz-Gerald is term limited.

Phoenix Rising

Bzzzt! The SoS is the final arbiter of those matters, and partisan-wise is a Republican to boot. Fitz-Gerald served, IIRC, 21 days shy of the half-term cutoff.


Lord knows that I love nothing more than helping elect fighting liberals -- but, the skills needed to be a Legislative Leader rarely lead to election as Governor -- What the party leadership including Fitz-Gerald, Romanoff, Waak is to unite the party behind Rutt Bridges -- Rutt has some growing to do as a candidate -- his campaign has some rough edges. However, Jim Merlino did do a great job on the John Salazar campaign. Jeff Bridges is a solid press guy -- Four years ago the party united behind a really weak candidate and avoided a primary -- this time it would seem wise to close ranks now and be ready to fight the Reps in November

Ter Ducken

Did the SOS ruling come out? Is it final and Joan can't run for Senate in 2006?


Bring the Primary on. Waak should not make the candidates job an easier, and deliver the nomination to Bridges or Fitz-Gerald. Voters in Colorado deserve the opportunity to run the strongest candidate in November. And that means winning a primary first.

Ter Ducken

Don't give me this "voters deserve a primary" nonsense. This is a game of winning and losing, not singing kumbaya and wishing elections were fair and nice and fun for all. There's no trophy awarded for most sportsmanlike. Would you rather see a fair primary where you lose in November, or would you rather see discussions avoid the primary but let your party win in November? Sorry, bub, but I want the win.

Democrats should do everything in their power to avoid a primary in both the governor race and the race in 7. Let the Republicans beat the hell out of each other in a primary, with our best candidate waiting in the wings with all of his or her money and a rested staff, ready to go. It's much easier to win in a general election if you don't have a primary, and anybody who thinks differently is smoking something.

Phoenix Rising

Exactly the opposite; the SoS has ruled and Joan is eligible for another term.

alan smitheee

TD is right. Let's all remember that long before Wayne Allard and his cracker jack team "came up with" the lawyer-lobbyist tag for Tom Strickland, it was Gene Nichol who coined the term in the Dem primary. Primaries are damaging. Especially when you have candidates (i.e. Peggy Lamm, Pen Tate, etc...) drowning in desperation.


In 2004 Ken Salazar was the beneficiary of a bitter Republican primary. Salazar had only token opposition -- sorry Be the Change or Make the Change or whatever the rubric was -- I love Mike Miles but 23% does not make someone serious -- It takes real party leadership but that is what is needed now. Some of us encouraged others to enter the race but the time for seeking out other candidates is over. Rutt Bridges is a serious guy who can win -- The Party leadership from the Congressional Delegation to the Legislature to the Party Leadership should now unite behind Rutt and do all that can be done to avoid a primary fight.


If Rutt is to win...someone is going to have to tell him that his photo on his web page makes him look more like a playboy just in from Palm Springs than a Guv.

Not to mention his reference to well digging. He sure will lure the working man by looking down his nose at them.


Well, that is a great idea -- clear the field for Rutt -- did not all the party leadership clear the field for Rollie Heath?
The result disaster -- Joanie Honey Fitz does know how to win --

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