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Phoenix Rising

I'd agree with your analysis, here. Why spend cash on Beauprez when he's got to get past Holtzman and his nearing-a-million dollars first?


Perhaps Nussle doesn't have a primary and it would make more sense for the Dems in Iowa to go on the attack immediately. But, I gotta think this is an issue that is not only going to directly hit Republicans like Beauprez who are closely tied to Delay, it's going to indirectly taint a lot of Republicans.

Maybe Iowa Democrats are smart enough to know the Delay story seems to be quieting a bit and there's a chance it will be only a memory by next year. You have to take advantage of these types of affairs when they are in the public's mind. The fact that our state Democratic Party has seemed to be pretty quiet on this issue points to a lack of attack-dog mentality among those in a leadership postion. We should be beating the tar out of Beauprez and other Republicans over Delay while it's still a hot issue.

And, because this issue is going to hit a lot of Republicans, Holtzman may not be so big on using it - it's not something he can nail just Beauprez with and get away without tarring a lot of other Republicans in the same boat as Bobby. Beauprez should be answering questions about this whenever he pops his head out in the state - the only way that will happen is if the Democratic Party actually expends some effort to making this happen, like the Iowa Dems are doing - God bless 'em!


There's no better way to look like you did something wrong than to start defending yourself. BB is the rare politician who works hard, keeps his nose clean and does what he believes in. He doesn't need to apologize just because people think he should - especially when he's done nothing wrong.

Why don't you report on the Democrats guilty of the same thing?

It is because you work for the Democratic party. Colorado Political News is a fraud, scam, sham.

Ter Ducken

Said the person who refused to leave a name.


"There's no better way to look like you did something wrong than to start defending yourself." Which is exactly why the Colorado Democrats should be forcing Beauprez to answer, or refuse to answer, questions about his ties to Tom Delay. Thank you for helping to make my point.

No one is saying Beauprez did anything "wrong" in the sense of illegal actions or not keeping his legal nose clean. But, the facts are that Beauprez did receive a lot of money from a PAC headed by Tom Delay, Beauprez gave money to DeLay's legal defense fund, and BB's voting record is pretty close to the Bug Man's. That's a great campaign issue that Democrats should be all over.

It's not enough that Progress Now is pushing it - the media will brush it off - it's got to come from a more official source. If the Colroado Democratic Party had any sort of apparatus to push a message and attack the other side (like the Iowa Democrats seem to have, or Democrats in other states where this is becoming an issue), they'd be all over this one.

Susan B

Hey, no name. Big talker. Why don't you point out the Colorado congressional members who took money from Tom DeLay. Please, show us. Could it be the reason there are no Colorado Democrats in this story is because, gasp, there are no Colorado Democrats who took money from DeLay??? It's not brain surgery, smart guy.

You don't have a point to make. You just want to run around and point fingers.


Susan B, if you'll take a second and stop pointing fingers at people while accusing them of pointing fingers, you might take a look at how many Colorado Dems have taken money from Hillary Clinton. She's been investigated more times that you can count for any number of illegal activities. Maybe Sen. Salazar took some of her money? And why look, here's his votes... just like Hillary's! Hmmm...

I won't chime in and accuse Alva et al. of being secret agents for the Democrat Party, but this blog has definitely become the playground of Democrat activists. Not sure whether that says more about the authors or the audience, just an observation...

Susan B

We could go back until the beginning of time playing whose worse than who. But we're not talking about Hillary Clinton here, and Hillary is NOT under intense investigation for ethics violations like DeLay is. The story was about DeLay and Colorado politicians associated with him, and I think it's lame to just trot out the "why aren't you talking about Democrats line" because this story was clearly about Tom DeLay and his associations with Colorado politicians.

There are no Colorado Democrats with ties to DeLay. It's sour grapes to just point fingers and say that this is only a Republican story. IT IS only a Republican story, because there are no Democrats involved. That's not bias. It's fact.


Hillary's aide was acquitted on his charges, while DeLay's PAC was found guilty. See the difference there? Tom Delay is as unethical as Traficant was on the Democratic side. But Dems got rid of him and kicked him out of the caucus before the trial even began.

Kenevan McConnon

Charlie Wilson was a Democrat who operated a lot like Delay in the 80s. He was chair of the appropriations committee and funnelled billions to his pet causes (Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile is a GREAT read). Delay is the same type of politician only except he doesn't have the panache Charlie Wilson had. Like I said on another thread, it took the Democrats 40 years to achieve this level of corruption. Looks like it only took the Republicans ten years.


Alfalfa - BB doesn't play games, which is one of the many things people like and respect about him - and is also why it's inconsequential whether the Dems get blustery and demand an explanation. In the long run it would just hurt their cause to make a big deal where there is none to be made. Maybe the Dems are even smart enough to realize that.

Ter Ducken

I agree with Alfalfa. This is not good for Beauprez, no matter how much you try to act as though it won't matter. Bob Beauprez is as corrupt as Tom DeLay. People will understand that. If you don't think Beauprez has anything to explain, then you must not think that DeLay has anything to explain, in which case there's no point in arguing this anymore. If you don't think what DeLay has done is wrong, then that's your own opinion. I'll wager the majority of voters won't agree with you.


Hey guys -- give these boys some tips about Dems and they will run them -- Good Times Charlie Wilson is yesterday's news -- what do you want them to run -- FDR knew about Pearl Harbor? Give these boys concrete tips and they will run them -- the Reps have been doing some stuff that they have reported on -- but they also took on Andrew "I won the Alfalfa lookalike contest"
Romanoff and Steve Adams -- this site is wrong a lot but all in all it has a batting average a little better than the Post and News -- and for the life of me I cannot figure out what side they are on

Rock 5

Congressmen taking money from their party leaders? Gasp! What has become of America?
Please... Yet another exercise in, "Hey let's see if this sticks to Big Bob!"


Rocky has a story on MoveOn trying to tie Beauprez and Musgrave to DeLay. With some petitions.


If you're going to run a good man's name through the mud with mindless ranting like "Bob Beauprez is as corrupt as Tom DeLay" you'd better have some juice behind it, otherwise go back to chattering about Gates and Waak. Why do you think Beauprez is corrupt - because he took donations from a party leader??? Go back to school, read up on how American politics work, and then stop back by. Thanks for playing.

Inform Yourselves

Dear Readers: All of you geniuses who have stated the "Beauprez (and other Republicans) took money from DeLay's illegal PAC" BS need to take a breath and do your homework. What your George Soros buddies have failed to mention is that TRMPAC, which was found in violation in CIVIL court because CRIMINAL courts dismissed it, funded Texas state races in 2002. Money given to GOP federal candidates was from ARMPAC, a totally different fund and was and is absolutely clean. Get off this crap and get an agenda.

Phoenix Rising

IY: Incorrect. One of TRMPAC's officers - the treasurer - was found in violation of civil law instead of criminal law because the violations he personally committed weren't as serious as those of the other officers. Those officers have been indicted by a Texas Grand Jury and are awaiting trial. The civil case verdict does not bode well for those tied up in the criminal case. The Austin DA investigating the mess is on his 3rd Grand Jury regarding DeLay. The 1st went after TRMPAC's corporate contributors, the 2nd after TRMPAC's officers; this 3rd one appears to be going after the beneficiaries of TRMPAC's largesse (namely, Texas House Speaker Craddick and other politicians). It is rumored that he'll go to a 4th Grand Jury to get DeLay himself.

DeLay is as corrupt as they come; ties to illegal campaign contributions, three unanimous ethics rebukes already (campaign fundraising violations, attempted bribery, and misuse of homeland security resources), ties to illegal lobbying efforts, questionable trip expenses - the list goes on and on.

Beauprez has supported DeLay by backing him on Ethics Committee Rules changes, leadership rules changes, and contributing to his legal defense fund - heck, he didn't even speak out against Hefley's ouster as Ethics Chair. Accepting large campaign contributions from DeLay's personal PAC is just the icing on the cake. Most of the House GOP can be tied to supporting DeLay's corrupt leadership in the same ways.


Here we go again, we saw the same tired Democrat stragey with Newt Gingrich, etc... The D's, since they don't have thier own ideas or agenda and are just the party of no, are going to attempt to villify DeLay like they did Gingrich. It didn't help them take back the house then, it won't help them this time either.

Phoenix Rising

Like the Republicans were any different when they swept in to power in 1994. Jim Wright was the cry back then. Same sh**, different party. If you can't police yourself, you deserve what you get, Jake.

This isn't villification - DeLay is a crook. Even Republicans on the Ethics Committee voted against him - three times! Ask Rep. Hefley what he thinks of DeLay's ethics...

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Kenevan McConnon

I'm amazed every time I see someone support a currupt sleazeball just becasue they're on "my team." Your priorities should be country then party, not vice versa.

We are losing our way as a country because of this "homer" mentality. Republicans supported the impeachment of Nixon because it was right; the current crop of Repugs do not have the same ethical center. Bush isn't even sure if "Deepthroat" was a patriot or a traitor.

Supporting Delay and his cronies is typical. Delay retired Hefley for being ethical. Beauprez helped change the House ethics rules for a little coin. Can you see the problem? Beauprez votes with Delay over 90% of the time. Is this what you want from your leaders? If so, get the fuck out of my country. Go find a banana republic where this type of thing is accepted as the best you can ask for from your government. 20K for a junket is disgusting. 60K for a round of golf is obscene.

If Beauprez was a man, he would have stood up for what is right like Hefley. He didn't because he is just one of Delay's tools, and Hefley lost because the rest of the Colorado delegation with the exception of Degette and Udall just let it happen. We need more Republicans in congress like Hefley and folks like Musgrave and Beauprez need to be kicked to the curb.


Phoenix - all this talk about policing yourself is entertaining when the Ds seem to forget their own party members that took trips and went on junkets.

Kenevan - Please, this from the same party that rallied around the Clinton's during their myriad scandals and turned a blind eye to the Justice Department's failure to prosecute almost anyone involved but the 2-bit players. It's worth reading this site just to watch the revisionist history and hoops the Ds will jump through to try to gain back power.

Kenevan McConnon

You are a homer aren't ya? I'm an American first. You should try it; it's the right thing to do.

Last I checked, Clinton has been out of office for over four years. Focus on the present.


Every time the Beauprez/DeLay issue comes up, the best the Republicans can bring to the table is: 1) "everybody does it"; 2) "Beauprez hasn't done anything illegal"; and, 3) "Democrats don't have an agenda."

In reverse order, the only people who think that the Democrats/libs/progressives/ whatevers don't have an agenda are those who simply continue to repeat this mantra hoping it will stick. I guess we could sit around and debate the merits of the Republicans agenda, which seems pretty cynical and destructive when you look at what they want to do or are doing to Social Security, America's Security, America's workers, America's children, America's elderly, and on and on. Very positive stuff. Of course, now I've just opened myself up for criticism because I dared point out that the Republicans have a destructive agenda for our country.

As for whether or not Beauprez did anything illegal, as I said before he didn't. But this is politics, baby, and he's tied pretty close to a guy who's under a heavy ethical cloud. It's dumb for the Democrats not to exploit that.

And, of course everyone does it. Everyone's been doing it since before our great Republic was even founded. Tar the other guy, paint a negative picture of him, win the election by any means necessary. This high and mighty crap people spout as if politics was some sort of clean and positive business is hilarious.

Bob Beauprez is a fighter and he's a tough cookie - look what he did to Dave Thomas in the laast election - he tore poor old Dave a new one when it probably wasn't even necessary! But, when your opponent's down, stomp your foot onto his neck and keep him that way. It seems Bobby knows that - but do his supporters who only see saint Bob?

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