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If Peggy Lamm loses an election she will do what she always does: She will sue.

That's the Democratic way.


Hmm -- hey I know that Peggy Lamm backed Bill Owens in '02 -- but wan't Eddie P one of the wheeler dealers that foisted that pathetic loser Rollie Heath onto the Democratic Party as their nominee for Gov in '02? Rollie supposedly was going to put up millions to fund his campaign and other efforts -- Peggy should be knocked for backing Owens but the real blame needs to go to any dem in their right mind who thought for one second that lovable limosine liberal loser Rollie would do anything other than what he did -- drag Democrats down with him


Come on now people. There is absolutely no way Peggy will out-raise Ed this quarter. Reasons why:
1. Ed is 17th street lawyer-lobbyist with connections all over business community.
2. Ed and family are very close to developers, and Ed has generally been a good vote for the development community, which will help him raise cash.
3. $10k from SEIU, $10k from UFCW = $20,000 without much effort.
4. Ed is calling in all favors he has done; Feeley, Matsunaka, et all are all helping him raise cash.
5. Deana. She can raise good lobbyist money from Dutko folks in DC and other cities.
6. Vouchers. Ed's pro-voucher vote has got to help him with Alex Cranberg and his group unless Eric Sondermann calls in some chits to cut that money off.
7. Ed is still the "insider" candidate. People like Ellen Golombek in DC, plus Webb, Dino, Lyons, etc here in CO are all well connected Democrats who can raise solid money. Peggy does not have those types of connections.

June 30 (or July 15) will be very interesting, but I don't see any way Peggy is even close to Ed in fundraising.


I agree with the lovable ski bum --
but, if Peggy L is ahead or even toe to toe with eddie on the money -- the whole game changes -- especially if the reps clear the field for ricky o'

rick james

Peggy Lamm has demonstrated before she is absolutely willing to lie to advance herself and this case will prove to be no exception.

As for Rollie Heath being a loser, no sh*t Sherlock, but I'm sure you never ventured off your fat a$$ to help him or any other candidate so go back to your po*n site and shut the * up.


Hey, I take a back seat to no one in terms of helping folks out -- but sauce for the goose should be sauce for the old gander -- but, let me agree with bro james here -- if Peggy is lying and her fundraising is way behind her credibility is shot and she will be gone as soon as Ridder gets his next check -- if it is true than Eddie P will be shittin' more water than Michael Jackson was a week or two ago -- and to be honest I have no earthly idea whether or not Peggy is telling the truth


Should we start a pool?

I'm guessing Ed comes in right around $300,000.
Not sure what his cash-on-hand will be though; don't know if he has staffed up or not, except for hiring DC fundraising consultants.


Just a comment to say I thought that the type of posts I see by skibum and vladimir make this a great site. The post by "rick james" is pretty obnoxious, and adds absolutely zero to the conversation. Hope those who run the site notice that.

Alva Adams

But he's rick james, b****!

Seriously, we absolutely try to stay on top of bad comments, but at the same time we don't want to be too heavy-handed. The only one who looks bad with that comment is rick james, and if that's how he wants to come across, so be it. But if that sort of stuff becomes excessive, we will remove it.


It will be interesting to see how much of Peggy's $200,000-plus warchest comes from Rutt Bridges and his family. Rutt is probably in a position to send lots of $$$ her way, and he may even think that doing so he is helping his gubernatorial race.

Peter Griffin

"skibum" makes some good points but let me correct a few bad ones:

1) Ed might be the 17th street lawyer but has burned a lot of bridges by backing the wrong candidates recently (Don Mares is a prime example).
2) The development community is not as flush with cash as it may have been a few years back.
3) By accepting the SEIU endorsement, Perlmutter may very well have alienated himself from the remaining AFL-CIO money. There is a HUGE rift between the two groups currently and old Ed may have shot himself in the foot on this one.
3)Feeley & Matsunaka "raising cash?" Wasn't the lack of cash the reason both of their campaigns tanked and the DCCC pulled out of Matsunaka's BOTH times he ran?
4)Deana, Deana, Deana. Aren't they getting a divorce? Not sure how willing she'll be to go to bat for old Ed. As well, she is classic for promising more money then she can actually deliver.
5) Ed's waffling with his declaration of candidacy in the 7th CD the past few years has alienated him from a lot of the insider money. I think a lot of politicos are reluctant to help him out because they're afraid he might still back out at the last minute.


Peter -- I think you overstate the implications of a rift between SEIU and the AFL-CIO as it relates to congressional endorsements. Perlmutter apparently got unanimous endorsements from both the SEIU and the UFCW -- which suggests that labor feels better about him than they do Peggy Lamm (maybe a hang-over from her endorsement of Bill Owens, who is hardly a pro-labor governor). As for Ed "shooting himself in the foot", what would you have had him do? Should he turn down an endorsement? That is patently absurd, don't you think? I'll bet Peggy Lamm would have killed to get these labor endorsements. Moreover, anyone who knows Steve Adams of the AFL-CIO will tell you that he is not stupid enough to use the SEIU-AFL-CIO battle at the national level to screw up a congressional seat that labor cares about. As for alienation from money, I guess we will have to see on June 30 whether Perlmutter or Lamm is more alien and more alienating. My money is on the guy you call a waffler...because Peggy is TOAST.


Tis put up or shut up time within the week.
Who is telling the truth? If Peggy Lamm is legit at $200,000 or more -- she becomes a serious player -- particularly when her campaign manager
Rick "If Howard Dean hadn't dumped my ass he'd be President" Ridder phoning it in and only showing up to pick up a check -- If, she lags far behind than she will have to pull up stakes -- We will all know within the week -- If Eddie P is way behind will he stay in? Local labor endorsements are irrelevant -- will their national PACS go in big in a primary? Don't know but if they decide to sit it out that will favor Peggy -- Steve Adams does not have control over one dime of union money that can be used in a Congressional race

Phoenix Rising

Peggy and Ed both made the BTC event today; Perlmutter had a table set up all day, but not much staff; he was at the evening event, but didn't stay around. Peggy, OTOH, didn't have a table, but did stay late to shake hands with the big spenders at the post-event reception. Advantage: Peggy?


Phoenix -- I missed the event. Sounds like Perlmutter had better organization, but Peggy worked the crowd better. To this very liberal crowd, did she address her support for college vouchers and endorsing Owens in 2002? Marrying BTC and the executive director of the Bighorn (hardly a progressive think tank) seems a stretch to me.


Is this the same Ed Perlmutter that went to the Trinity School in New York City for prep school? just curious, because that's where i went and there is an ed perlmutter in our alumni book in the colorado section.

Phoenix Rising

Neither CD-7 candidate got to speak at the event, though as I outlined, both attended in some fashion.

I didn't take much of a look at Perlmutter's table, because once it was set up, no-one staffed it for most of the day. In fact, the lack of staffing pretty much caused an apathy field around the table - no-one was ever really looking at it.

Lastly, you should understand that BTC is largely made up of people who are looking for solutions and voices to carry them, not people who are ideologues for the "Radical Left". These are people who look at alternative energy, healthcare solutions, and Iraq war opposition from a logical standpoint. Wind is now cheaper than coal; single-payer healthcare is more cost-effective than private; and there were never any WMD's and that information was out there before the war started.

Kennedy stated something both radical and comforting, by repeating the findings of the PIPA(?) poll taken around the election: there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans. We all want a responsible government; we all respect the sacrifice our troops make in serving this country; we all want a better future, cleaner air and water, products we can trust, and more time to be with our families; none of us want to pay out all of our taxes to a wasteful government.

If Peggy is able to address the voucher issue in a rational manner, and overcome the concerns most liberals have about them, she will find support from BTC'ers. The folks from Bighorn are presenting solutions to problems; that alone will garner both Bridges and Lamm some respect.

cotopaxi jo


Peggy has NEVER put a dollar figure to her fundraising. She has said she is doing well--and let's remember Feeley's first filing when he lost by 121 votes in 2002 was 100K--something all politicos were in awe of.

Let me say it again--Peggy has never put a dollar figure to her fundraising efforts. To suggest that if Peggy doesn't come in at 200K she is lying is complete nonsense.

On the other hand, Ed has bragged all over Washington that he has raised 300K. We'll see...Although he has hired a very high priced Washington fundraiser and he has very deep 17th street pockets.


As I say it is put up or shut up time -- If, Peggy is close to or ahead of Ed it puts her in a strong position -- but, if they both are hovering around $100,000 it shows both are weak -- remember since 2002 and Mike Feeley's run the contribution limits have more than doubled

cotopaxi jo


Peggy's fundraising will certainly be in the form of many checks from many, many people. The Bridges do support her but they opperate under the same individual donation limits as anyone else--it's not like they're a PAC.

Also, Phoenix, I appreciate the info. about the BTC event. But a point of clarification, it is Ed, NOT Peggy, who is pro-voucher. And as far as that goes, he should indeed have an in with Alex Cranberg having already secured 50K from him for the 527 he ran in 2000.

Phoenix Rising

Sorry - just answering what Obiter said about the vouchers; I'm not personally up on either candidate...


It seems to me that Perlmutter's team were recruiting volunteers at the event They were there all 12 hours I was. What was that petition about? Unlike Morgan's table, though, they didn't have any cookies.

Phoenix Rising

I just never saw anyone there. My own impressions, yours obviously varied. Thanks for the heads-up.

Morgan had it all: Ref C&D pamphlets (both the tri-folds everyone had, and the booklets that she alone was passing out...), cookies, campaign literature, survey on what the Lege should do next year and what was good about this year, Grapevine Colorado signup, cookies... And she was personally staffing her booth whenever she wasn't involved with the program.


What is Grapevine? Is that like a bunch of politicians bringing back the old Temptations song? Morgan better knock this I heard it through the Grapevine silliness off and focus on her reelection.
or was it a Smokey Robinson song?


Once the financials are released in July the real story on the 7th CD race won't be about PL or EP -it will be about whether or not BB is hanging in the Gov's race or coming back to the 7th CD race. Chances are MH will raise 3 to 4 times as much as BB. The 7th would look pretty attractive (and easy) for BB given there wouldn't be a primary. BB may decide to stick with the 7th. And then the question becomes: Will EP stay in the race? He wasn't running when it looked like BB was in, so what will he do if BB gets back in the race for the 7th? To PL's credit, she has said that she is in it no matter who the Rs put up.

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