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There must be a group dream with all the Ds that BB will somehow go back to Congress and leave Holtzman to run for Gov. (I am assuming they think MH will be easy to beat).

It is so silly it is laughable. BB isn't going to walk away from the Gov's race.

I love this expectations game. The question isn't if BB has caught MH (given the start MH had that would be next to impossible). The question is whether BB's numbers will be high enough to show he is a player, I am betting they will be.


If BB's fundaising is not going well, he surely will consider heading back to the 7th. RO will gracefully bow out and EP will have to decide if he should drop out as well. He had no interest in getting in the race until BB joined the Gov's race.


Ms. Peggy and money doesn't make a campaign. Having a party position that is clear might help.


Don't forget about Herb Rubenstein !!! Fund raising will certainly be under his canopy.


You're right Peter; it's a good thing Ed does have a party position--unfortunately it's the wrong party. Vouchers, big development, moral opposition to gay rights...

Peter Searle

You're right Mystic, Ed has a party position ... isn't Democracy and Freedom to speak you're thoughts in America great! Nothing wrong with Vouchers, Freedom of choice, and in sending your children to a school that concerns itself about improved education, what is wrong with that? Opposition? I am certain that the definition of opposition is a bit like the objection of a cup of Frappuccino instead of Caffe Latte? I think the definition of gay "rights" needs to be better understood ... everyone has a right to their opinion. I am certain that Herb will represent the citizenry well in Denver and in Washington.


Mystic. I am reading from Herb Rubenstein's answer in "Rubenstein's 200" and he said the following about gay rights: "What should our policy be toward homosexuals? Answer: "The government should not allow any discrimination against homosexuals" That seems to me to be very supportive of their rights of Freedom and Bill of Rights. I agree with him.


I don't know if Perlmutter supports vouchers or not, but I bet someone will soon enough post his legislative record and everyone will pick it apart.

But more importantly, how can Peggy Lamm or any of her supporters expect anyone to believe she is not pro-vouchers. Everyone knows the story - I think the less crappy of our two papers even ran a story on it - that Bighorn pulled down all their pro-voucher pages. I think the story was in the context of Rutt Bridges trying to hide his pro voucher position, but it "benefits" Lamm anyway. But maybe they don't understand that you can do a Google search of "Bighorn", "vouchers", ...etc... and get their cached pages all about their support for vouchers.

By my count, that's three fairly major "lies" by Lamm or her supporters. To recap:

1. Implies Jody Stroghoff of the Colorado Statesman is a liar, by saying she never endorsed Bill Owens for Governor over Rollie Heath, which the Statesman had reported as accurate. Seems pretty slanderous if Stroghoff is lying, but I'm guessing Lamm hasn't heard the last from Stroghoff.

2. Will outraise Perlmutter in Q2. Maybe, but most likely not, so not really a lie, but more of a "lie."

3. Doesn't support vouchers. B.S. No wonder Google is over $300/share.


cotopaxi jo

alansmitheee, Peggy does not now nor has she ever supported vouchers--period. The fact that the Bighorn board did take a position on a voucher pilot program is irrelevant. Peggy never supported that bill nor did she participate in Bighorn's work on it.

Peggy has never said she was outraising Ed--period. Nor have any of her supporters. It seems to me that the only people making that claim are annonymous bloggers on this site. Should she have to take responsibility for that?

By the way, I wonder who would have something to gain by putting out a false rumor about Peggy's fundraising numbers...

If you want to know what Ed's position is on vouchers, look at his voting record and the fact that he negotiated a 50K contribution from Alex Cranberg--the voucher king--to a 527 he was running just before he made that vote.

On the idea of opposition to gay rights, ed voted against MINIMUM legal rights for gay couples--such objectionable things as survivors rights and visitor and guardianship rights in the case of illness. He said when he made that vote it was on moral grounds.

If he has changed his mind on any of these issues he should say so (and flip-flopping has never hurt any Democratic candidate that I can recall). But he shouldn't simply live in denial that he did these things.



You people make me Ill... Peggy Lamm is doing a good job with the staff that she has. She is going to not only do better than you all think but is the right person for the job!

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