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25 to 12? I thought the 4th Congressional District didn't like dyed in the wool conservatives. How are the RINO's like Bill Kaufman going to explain this one?


Congrats to Rep. Brophy, but don't look for him to help McElhany. He doesn't have the votes so they have to put in Anderson. Its between Evans (my guess) and Johnson now.


Cory Gardner will make a great addition to the House!


Congrats to both Brophy and Gardner. Both strong conservatives that are a good match for the district.

Phoenix Rising

25 - 12 is hardly unanimous; we're talking about a GOP party vacancy committee here, not a representative section of the 4th CD.

My question would be - what's up with those 12 nay votes? Did Evans pull that much away from the "annointed" replacement?

Congratulations to Sen. Brophy. The choice of Senate Minority Leader will be crucial in defining the Republicans for the 2006 elections; everyone will be looking at the choice...


anyone ever seen Brophy in his street biker tights? Funny sight.


The ultra-conservative Brophy claims to be against big government, for free markets and tax cuts. I'm curious how he reconciles that with his acceptance of $43,000 in federal farm subsidies over the last few years?


So, what does the law firm of Hutchinson Black & Cook have against Mr. Brophy??

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