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p. rock

Polsfut and Knaus organized a blow out kick off kick ass Jeffco party for Perlmutter. Barely standing room with many "behind the scenes" Democratic movers and shakers. Several "hedge your bet" Republican Ed supporters in the crowd too. Perlmutter gave a great speech.

George D

Thanks for the update Ed staffer.


Thanks for the update Ed, er I Was There; appreciate the info.

You know, you don't have to use your REAL e-mail address when you post here.

cotopaxi jo

Ed, really, an "all-volunteer staff"???? You list 3 very professional staffers on your website. IF they have not been paid YET it is only because they have agreed not to get their paycheck until after the Q2 reporting period--that hardly makes them volunteers in any normal sense of the word. If that is not a lie it is certainly a very lawyerly contortion. But, consider the source.

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