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Bias Bias Bias

How does the Democratic field not have its top contender when Rutt Bridges is kicking everyone else's ass? COME ON!!! The bias is WAAAAY out of control here!

Phoenix Rising

When last I looked, Bridges and Ritter were tied. Now I see Bridges has pulled ahead. Still, not the most commanding lead...

Alva Adams

If you look at the second poll, there is a clear drop for Bridges when other candidates are added. Whereas Bob Beauprez, for example, stays about the same in both polls. We didn't make up the poll numbers; that's just how it came out.


Can someone tell me what is so great about Rick O'Donnell?
Please tell me something he has contributed to besides hanging off Bill Owens political apron strings.


I was just looking at some of the political Q&A's. You guys threw softballs at everyone but Paschall. Yes, are you a raiders fan and the drink of choice for some is not really hardball.
This is why our country is a mess. The guys with knowledge you hammer, while the empty suits you give a pass to.


Patriot -
Those with out-of-the-mainstream ideas get tough questions...and deservedly so.


Looks like Peggy is the beneficiary of some Republican cross-overs who are rewarding her for her 2002 support for that darned push-pollster Governor Bill Owens.

7th CD Dem

I'll bet Perlmutter is at least getting votes from the people who are registered to vote in the 7th district. One wonders if Peggy can claim the same?

Ter Ducken

That sucks to be losing to Herb Rubenstein. At anything.

Phoenix Rising

What's with the weird voting pattern? Did we get a sudden influx of new Democratic lurkers today, or do the Republicans here all dislike their GOP candidate choices?

George D.

"Weird influx of new Ds"??? Yeah, right. This site is infested with `em! :)

Though, I would say a mass email alert for both Ed and Peggy had more to do with the disproportionate votes than a dissatisfaction with the GOP candidates.

Susan B

its pretty obvious that george d is correct here. obviously the lamm people flooded the site, just as the bridges people did yesterday.


A. Homer, Peggy did not support Ownens
B. 7th cd dem. quite an assumption, unless you have some inside info on who voted and who din't.
C. Susan B. Is is so hard to believe people voted for Peggy because she is a great choice?

You guys should get a job or something. Next you will be talking of black helicopters and area 51. Little paranoid about a little web-site poll well over a year away from anything real, don't ya think?

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