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wexford98 - When you stop making up lies about Angie then I will answer your question about medical marijuana.

I feel so much better knowing that wexford98 has seen Paschall military records. Maybe next time wexford98 (he, she, it?) can tell me why Paschall can’t just come out and be honest with the voters of CD7 which I am one of instead of playing word games. Maybe Paschall should go back and review what it means to not bear false witness. Honesty seems to be the one value that Republicans forget every time.

Unlike wexford98, I don't need to use an alias and I always post under this name which has a working email address attached to it. I don't post under any other name.



I will give you a number of witnesses to contact over that witness testimony before her committee in which she rolled her eyes at me when I told her about a rape victim at CSU. It was before the education committee.
So, answer the medical marijuana question...and let me see your DD 214s.



I deal with rape victims. There are still appeals and constitutional provisions which can be used regarding jury nullification. Ask the slaves how they felt about it.
There is no way you will be able to get a prosecuting atty and a defense atty through juror interviews.
Truly, you must know the law. A, can you answer how you would vote regarding medical marijuana and someone being charged with smoking pot for pain?


Give me the link to the hearing before education committee that you are referring to and we'll call it even.

On a jury my instructions are to follow the law. If I don't like the law then I need to elect representatives to change the law. I would convict a person that was breaking the law regardless of the law. We are a country of laws and this concept of jury nullification is something that I find hard to believe a person running for congress would accept.

And about seeing my DD214 (classic attack, redirect strategy straight from Rove) -

First, I am not running for congress. Second, I have never been in the military but that might change.
Third, there is nothing in my past that I am ashamed of. I have never been arrested for any offense and I don't need to hide behind my faith to explain my previous transgressions.

I think Paschell would do a lot better if followed the ninth commandment and realized that no matter what your religion that honesty is always the best policy.


Wexford, as soon as you produce some slaves, I will be happy ask how they feel about jury nullification. In the mean time I don’t really understand why it matters how I feel about marijuana, or whether I feel the sentences are reasonable and appropriate, or not. I could either confirm, or deny that I believed that a person was using the substance, but that’s it. As a member of a jury it is out of my hands after that point. On the other hand Wexford, if you find yourself on this jury YOU should propose jury nullification on the grounds that you are high.

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