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Nice, glad he could stop by for the "photo op." I will say this, at least his staff is prepared.


Hey - look - there's someone who reads and comments on this website who isn't doing so while wearing a bathrobe and sitting in their parent's basement...

Phoenix Rising

Not quite proof positive - can't see the post on the screen to tell what he was responding to - but at least it's the Colorado Pols website and Mark Udall typing at the same time... Best proof we've had so far that the actual politician in question was the one answering our questions.

I could think of better poses for Colorado Pols to be in for a Photo Op ;^)

DJ wannabe

Eureka! If you look closely you can see that Mark Udall is actually Donald E. L. Johnson.

Kidding - Cong. Udall is totally l33t.


Was the intern pissed that the Congressman was using her computer?


You know, Congressmen do things like town hall meetings where they have to *gasp* interact with people.

I'm more amazed at the cynical nature - he had a town hall meeting two weeks ago in Westminister. And there is the fact that this site isn't that important to fake something.


I hope I can be a congressman someday and have a crappy desk like that. What intern did he send packing for that photo opp?

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