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Monkey Boy

Paschall has been counted "out" in every race he's run. Somehow, he always seems to pull wins out of his ass...He probably attributes it to divine intervention.


Once again, the Republicans get their act together --this time it looks like they will unite early behind Ricky O'Donnell, while the Democrats gear up for a messy internal fight (and Greenie Dave Chandler in the wings to boot). If the Democrats had an ounce of smarts they would start lining up behind the best they have (Perlmutter), send Peggy Lamm back to Boulder, and get ready for a nail-biter in 2006. Maybe they could even persuade Chandler and Rubinstein to form a nutball caucus and organize for something other than spoiling the election...


I am suprised that he was elected to anything once people found out he was hiding something in his military records. That usually doesn't fly in the R party.


As of now, Paschall still hasn't filed any FEC paperwork, meaning that he hasn't raised the 5K neccessary for even that. Of course, Herb hasn't filed either. Maybe the robots from the future will do that for him.


Never NEVER count Paschall out.
Highlands/colklink, nice to see you here too. :)



Have you ever thought - Paschall could have the checks - but isn't cashing them yet?

Hugo O'conor


I'm not sure if you meant that literally or as in pledges he hasn't collected yet. I am pretty sure that holding checks more than a few days (5 days, I think) is a violation of campaign laws.

A Real Rep

Mark Pachall is the real deal -- a proven vote getter -- Ricky O'Donnell has the CU albatross around his neck -- George W. Bush proved that voters will support someone they disagree with if they have the courage of their convictions -- plus whomever wins the primary will receive millions in donations -- do you want a weasel or a real Rep -- Mark is my guy


Real Rep -

Oh, PLEASE! A "weasel"? Who's the one weaseling out of:

1) Releasing his military records?
2) Explaining his criminal history?
3) Being truthful about his hard-right issue positions?
4) Filing with the FEC?


Rulestrategy, Let me get this straight. Come the end of this reporting period, Perlmutter, Lamm and O'Donnell will disclose thier fundraising while Paschall will say one of two things. 1. I have been holding checks but not cashing them; or, 2. I have "pledges" but no actual money.

Maybe he and Herb can get together and study their futures.

Skippy McGuski

Funny, everytime Paschall's name get's mentioned here there is this massive amount of postings about how great he is....

How many different login names is mark paschall allowed?

Col. Klink

Irishstout - Nice try, but we are not one in the same. Although, I do have to admit that I liked Highlands' posting. I got an answer on my question concerning Mr. Paschall's military records. The answer was that he was not going to release them. I can only assume that he doesn't want to make them public.

Real Rep - The only thing I can take from your posting is that you are the master of the non sequitur (and I don't mean the comic strip).

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