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Anyone else hearing the chatter in Loveland regarding Bill Kauffman running as an independant (maybe) against Marily Musgrave?


Who is Bill Kauffman? Sounds like a great thing to help Musgrave in her re-election.

Roger D

That would be a great idea and have all the Ds support Kaufman rather than field their own candidate.

Bill was a great state legislator, typified the ideal of a moderate republican. I think he may still have strong ties to the Bighorn Policy group.

Best part is, we don't have to worry about losing a state house seat if Paccione runs.

A lot of Republicans will be very comfortable voting for Bill.


I think Paccione can beat Musgrave. don't know how this Kauffman thing, if true, would complicate the issue. Why would the Dems want to vote for a mod r instead of another dem?

And a good candidate for 53 could be found to run with this much time.



You know who would be interesting for a Q&A is State Rep. Jim Welker.

Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow

Paccione is in. She filed an exploratory committee last week.

This is going to be a battle royale for CD4, and 53 could get interesting as well. In a lower turnout year, the CSU factor will be greatly diminished.


I don't think forming an exploratory committee means you are in. I think it means you don't have a million bucks to pay for your own polling and research.

She says she has had a lot of people encouraging her to take on MM and is just following their lead with a look-see.

I think if she does get 'in' early--she will do just fine in Weld. (and everywhere else...timing is everything).


Very intersting story in today's Post about Lamm and Perlmutter. The primary isn't until 9/06 at already it is starting!


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