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Who are the other candidates in SD7? If it's Matt Smith, he has no chance. You better do better than that John Salazar loving has-been.
You think you're "Annoyed", try being Matt Smith the night he gets (Gay) hammered in a primary.


Get your facts straight Odd. Holtzman has a significant record of accomplishment for conservative issues. He was a key player in Ronald Reagan's campaign for President. He has been a consistent supporter of conservatism his entire life. Just ask Senator Santorum, whom he also helped get elected. Heck, even ask Bob Beauprez, whom Holtzman helped raise significant money for in the past.

Marc Holtzman is a true conservative. I haven't decided where I stand yet, but Odd is uniformed, Holtzman is the real deal.


Beauprez for President 2012!!!


Holtzman has sooo much money. BB should be soooo scared!

Some of you need a little history lesson. Holtzman also jumped out to a giant fundraising lead in his Congressional campaign in Penn. in the mid-eighties. Course, then Rolling Stone connected his money to some slightly shady dealings in bilking the federal government. While he was "liberating" Eastern Europe he lined his own pockets quite well.

Money doesn't win elections. Money only helps to win elections. But ask Considine, Calloway, Benson, and Coors (just to name a few) how far more money got them.


I said several times I like Rep. Penry and respect his ability. He's done some good work with his bills, too (thanks to the patronage of Russ George on the water bill). Not sure why I keep getting the grumbly responses.

Here's who I've heard about in SD-7: Penry, ErkenBrack, Smith and Claussen (former MC Sheriff). All are capable. Why'd you home in on Smith, WhoIsIt? What's the comment about hammered? Is there some particular angst between Josh and Matt that we might like to know about? Both are good men, as are Erk and Claussen.

EckertGOP - I agree, we're lucky to have Josh. I'm still scratching my head about why he needs to move to the Senate, however.

Just because Josh is talented, doesn't mean he's entitled to every open seat that comes along. I'll reiterate my point about his predecessors - all of them were ambitious but all were patient and served their constituents for many years in that one seat. I wish Josh would take a page from their book and ask his supporters to be less condescending and combative. There's really no need for that.

Oh, and I need to make a correction. In my last post I referred to Tim Foster having served in CDPHE. My fat fingers meant to type CCHE (Colorado Commission on Higher Education).


Annoyed = Shill for Smith.

Erkenbrack ran one of the worst primary campaigns in recent history. Nice guy, but turned out to be an awful candidate! Claussen is also a good guy, but I'd be more than a little surprised if a made a run. Penry would smoke that field.

But, to be honest, I'd lick a lot of envelopes for any of them to help beat Smtih.


Odd's comments remain dumb. Jon's comments on the guv's race...were not.

Money isn't everything. Is it true that Holtzman is staffing up this week?


Who has Holtzman hired?


I hear that Holtzman has just hired Laura Teal and Jim Banks. I find it amazing that Teal is working for Holtzman, given in the 2004 race she was going around telling everyone that Coors was just a rich guy that never held an elected position who was trying to buy his way into office. Ironic or Hypocrite?


I seriously doubt that Laura Teal said anything like that. She sent out an email to the Schaffer crowd after the primary talking about the importance of the GOP coming together and getting behind Pete for the general.

Not sure who I'm gonna vote for yet in the Gov race, but I can tell you that Teal will be an asset for Holtzman.

Teal Lover

Laura is an honorable, if not altogether real bright, political hand. I'm sure she'll do her best with Marc, but you're right me, she's in for a rude awakening if she thinks money is going to help her Pennsylvania candidate.

dont fear the reaper

I hear Marc is telling some white lies out on the campaign trail. He apparently told a group of GOPers that Nancy Reagan was going to campaign for him, but Nancy's people say otherwise...


Laura Teal = serious lightweight. I can't imagine that she will actually end up the head honcho on the Holtzman campaign, but if so, they better raise some more money.


Laura won't lead the campaign, I think she is just doing organization, which I find amazing, as polarizing as she is. She barely made bonus member from DoCo, show it shows that she has a lot of work to do to get folks on her side.


Acttually - your wrong, me. She made bonus member easily - as well as national delegate. Facts straight - next time.


Scott - is that you again?!? So what are you up to these days? Out on your own - is what I hear - but you know the rumor mill... always being kicked into overdrive and all that.


Yep - SR is back to bloggin. If it's negative stuff about fellow republicans, he's saying it. And getting the facts twisted in the process... being divisive, contrary and generally obnoxious. Welcome Back, we missed you.


Oh - I get it - the list was submitted to State Party alphabetically, so - of course - she'd be, like, last. Guess no one outside of dougco noticed that. Funny. You'd think someone at state party would have.


Let's get back to the white lies - Nancy Reagan is not known to be a campaigner - even for rich, then young upstarts from Pennsylvania.

Holtzman is the master of taking a kernal and turning it into a pile of corn. Just look what he did with his trust fund and a little info from some friends at tech companies.

Does anyone really think that Elway is going to drive around the state on a bus? George Foreman? Please - Holtzman is merely creating perception so that voters do not see reality.

Are we really sure Marc is a strong conservative? It is easy to be pro-life when talking to Armstrong and Perkins but where does he really stand? My guess is that when we get past the smoke and mirrors we are going to see an empty suit, a nicely tailored suit at that.

let it go

Seriously...you do not know it is SR, no need to try to pick a fight. It is possible that more than one person could not particularly like LT. SR has left state party for bigger and better opportunities. Good for him!, he has moved on maybe you guys should too.


Speaking of Mr. Russell - I hear that he is joining Fairbank and Cerveny? Any truth to that?

Just what they need...another "tool" in the drawer.


What's Russell doing these days anyway?


Maybe George Foreman is going to promise everyone a shiny new grill if they contribute to Mr. Holtzman's campaign!


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