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Dave Chandler

If Ed Perlmutter were in Congress now, would he have attended today's Conyer's 'hearing' on the Downing Street Minutes?

Would he be supportive of an impeachment inquiry of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives?

Would he vote in favor of the Jones proposal to require Bush to provide a U.S. troops withdrawal plan from Iraq?

Mr. Perlmutter, Ms. Lamm, Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. Rubenstein, and Mr. Paschall can garner all kinds of special interest endorsements ... and good for them ... but the issue of greatest importance to this nation is how we deal with the Bush lies about Iraq -- and how we restore this country's honor in the world.


What is interesting about these endorsements, in addition to their coming early is that they were voted UNANIMOUSLY, anf AFTER interviews with both Perlmutter and Lamm. And Dave, you should run if you need to help elect a Republican (like Mr. Nader helped elect George Bush), but please don't libel union people as "special interests." As a former Sierra club leader you could also be accused of representing a "special interest.: So give me a break...

Dave Chandler

In my opinion, unions and union people (like my son) are "special"!


The question is, can Perlmutter beat O'Donnell?


Henry: Mr. Chandler is no stranger to the Nader-helping-Bush irony. He already helped elect a Republican in the 7th. His failed Green Party candidacy in 2002 led to Beauprez's 121-vote victory over Feeley. So, thanks to Mr. Chandler, we have yet another congressman supporting the Bush foreign policies that he claims to hate.

Dave Chandler

Mr. Feeley lost to Beauprez because he supported the Bush Iraq war resolution in October 2002. He lost because he was a supporter of Two Forks, of a northwest quadrant beltway, and was a leader in opposing the state balanced growth ballot initiative in 2000.

In otherwords, Beauprez won because he was a better Republican than Mike.

As for myself, I was not a Green in 2000, and campaigned for Al Gore. I became a Green after 9/11 when I saw the Democratic Party cave-in and cave-in and cave-in to the radical Republicans on issue after issue -- the war, the Patriot Act, tax cuts, etc.

Because I love this country and believe Bush must be combated on all fronts, I even campaigned and voted for John Kerry in 2004.

But the stakes are just too high, in my opinion, to have another cautious Democrat added to the Congress. Either we are going to defend what is left of our Republic, or it is going to be lost to us. My questions posted above need to be answered.

Jumping The Gun

While I give Mr. Perlmutter credit for his labor endorsements, I would also point out that Howard Dean also received "early" labor endorsements only to see them later withdrawn and given to the then front runner, John Kerry. It's a long way to the 2006 elections and hard to evaluate the weight of any current endorsements. An endorsement of Ms. Lamm by Emily's List may have a significant impact. Too early to predict much in this race.

Ter Ducken

This isn't the presidential race. This endorsement is a huge development, because it could help Perlmutter lock up the overall union endorsement. They're not going to pull out of their endorsement. You and I both know how unlikely that is.

You're right about Emiily's List. If Lamm gets Emily's List this is a new ballgame, but I think she's done if she doesn't.

Jumping The Gun


I appreciate your comments. I wasn't saying that the endorsements would be pulled...simply that it's to early to know how they will impact the race.

In the long run it will likely be independent voters who will decide the CD-7 race.

Ter Ducken

Of course independents will decide the race overall. But Democrats will decide the primary, and this endorsement will make a difference in a Democratic primary. I don't think it's too early at all to talk about how this endorsement will make a difference in the primary. There are only a half-dozen or so major endorsements a Democrat can get in advance of a primary, and this is one of them. This is a tough one to lose for Lamm.

Jumping The Gun

Back to my original post...the labor endorsements didn't sway the primary races for Dean. Good endorsement...yep. Will it decide the race...nope.

Ter Ducken

Again, that's apples to oranges. The effect labor unions have on a Presidential primary is completely different than the effect labor unions have on a congressional primary. You can't compare the two at all. They're completely unrelated.

Jumping The Gun

Oh my, thanks for setting me straight. You're right again! I'd love to hear you explain to me all the differences.

Ter Ducken

In a Presidential race, union endorsements are decided by many more people and it's a lot easier to split one union off here and there. In a congressional race, there's only a handful of people who make that final call. It's more personal, and I can't think of a recent example where a labor union rescinded their endorsement of a congressional candidate in Colorado.

A labor union endorsement in cd7 will not decide the race, but it definitely hurts Lamm. The number of voters who vote in a primary is small, and labor union members make up a sizable percentage of that group. They make up a smaller percentage of voters in a general election, but in the primary it's a big deal. In a Presidential race, labor union members are more likely to vote against their union because they know more about the candidates. In a congressional race, they are more likely to just go with their union's endorsement because they won't hear as much about all of the candidates.

Labor unions also write big checks to the candidates they endorse, and they're not going to ask for their checks back.

I'm not trying to be combative, you just can't compare a Presidential labor endorsement to a congressional labor endorsement. It's a completely different scenario and circumstance.

Apple Sauced

Yea Ter, clue us all in. I want to hear this.

Apple Sauced

Don't the same people who vote in a Democratic congressional primary vote in a Democratic Presidential primary? Isn't the number of primary voters small regardless?

Perlmutter and Lamm are both known figures in Colorado and I'm inclined to think union members will pick who they like in the primary and then support whoever is the ultimate Dem candidate in the general election.

It's a good endorsement but it doesn't preclude a Perlmutter victory. I'd love to see the statistics on your assertions...you might be right but I doubt it can be proven statistically. It's just not that black and white. Shouldn't we give voters a little more credit?

Ter Ducken

Yes, it's the same people, but it's entirely different because of name id.

Perlmutter and Lamm are only known figures to political junkies like us. I'll bet you $10 that if I knocked on my neighbor's door, he would have no idea who either of them are. But I'd also be willing to wager that he would know who Howard Dean is.

I'm just saying you can't compare a Presidental race, with exponentially more media coverage and public interest, to a congressional race. You can't use Dean as an example of the possibility that the unions might withdraw their endorsement of Perlmutter. It's completely different.


Ter is absolutely correct on this one. Significant Union endorsements this early is a huge advantage. Union members are more likely to vote with their Unions endorsements, than the general public in a Congressional primary then a Presidential one. It really comes down to name recognition combined with GOTV efforts. In a Congressional primary Unions will be much more effective turning out the vote than the candidate will be. But none of this is true if the Union does not fulfill their responsibilities to communicate their endorsements to the Rank and File membership.

Jumping The Gun

For the umteenth time...I NEVER said they would withdraw their endorsement...I said that this early on endorsements don't predict much about who will win the primary. It's a good endorsement but it's a long way to the 2006 elections.

You keep saying union members will vote the endorsement in a congressional race simply because the union makes one...while in a presidential race they vote for who they want...all based on name ID and whether they know anything about the candidates...I just don't buy such a simplistic analysis. Would you have me believe you can determine the winner already...if you can why waste your time here?

Your bet is irrelevant because name recognition can play both ways...the fact that your neighbor might know who Howard Dean is doesn't tell you who your neighbor decided to vote for. Again...I give voters more credit than you do to make informed decisions. Can a union endorsement influence the vote...possibly...can you conclude the impact of an endorsement on the outcome...NOPE?!

I appreciate your opinion...I'm just not persuaded.

Apple Sauced

Just for the record, the unions changed their endorsement when it was obvious Howard Dean would not win the nomination. It was the voters who made the decision and it will be the voters who will make the decision in CD-7. I think the point JTG is making is that endorsements don't necessarily predict how people will vote or who will be the winner.

Ultimately, the unions will support the Dem candidate in the general election regardless of whether it's Perlmutter or Lamm.


Hey, Peggy got taken for a ride by her high priced campaign team -- where was their advice on the Owens endorsement? Where were they when she needed help getting her foot out of her mouth? Where were they while Eddie P lined up laobr -- the only time Peggy's crew shows up is to pick up a check --
Just remember Ms. Peggy they are laughing at you and not with you


Well I hear she has some good names about to come out to support her.

We will wait and see... SEIU will switch support if they feel its the right thing to do. Look at Dean and what they did.

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