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Off The Wall

This is getting to be freaking ridiculous.

Tommy Q.

What’s the deal? Allard has TOTALLY disrespected the readers of Coloradopols – are we not as important to him as those love-bug Washington DC reporters? Have we not donated enough to his campaign? What gives?

Phoenix Rising

I have to admit, Allard's delay is dragging on. I hope in exchange for the wait we get nice, personal responses that don't sound canned.


Could it be Allard is actually answering the questions himself? doubtfull. Or is it a lazy staffer that is to blame for the delay? Likely


If it is Allard answering, all of the fundraisers with porn stars are pretty demanding on your time.


Senator Conway must be on vacation. It's clear that Wayne can't handle himself without a top-notch staff to put his words together. What a hoot!

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