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this Allard Q and A has become a complete joke. Everyone here who knows anything about politics knows that he won't actually do it, his press person will. Then they'll run every response by their Cheif of Staff, and who knows who else. This is a complete farce. Coloradopols should stick to the rules of blogging. If you want the press then you have to play by the rules. If you're too cool for live blogging then f*** you. I'm sorry, but I won't read any of Allard's responsed with any interest, because I know in advance it's just spin.

My one piece of advise for the pols. Don't let the fame of this site ruin it.


I think you guys run a super site. I greatly enjoy the Q & A. Keep up the great work.


I agree with timmy. why should should allard, beauprez, etc. etc. get the advantage of their spin doctors manufacturing everything? holtzman, coffman and others had the courage to answer questions when they were asked, not when they had the time to run everything through a sanitization process so that nothing of substance is said.

I say pull Beauprez, Allard, and any other boring bureaucrat who won't answer questions in blog-time!

Alva Adams

If you don't believe the answers will come from Allard, call his office and ask someone. That's all we can tell you.

The reason we decided to offer a second Q&A option is because some people just don't have time to dedicate half a day to monitoring the site and answering questions, so we offered to give them more time. He doesn't need us to defend him, but Allard is a U.S. Senator, which is a pretty busy job, and we appreciate the fact that he's doing this at all.

Even if it was live, what guarantee would you have that it was Senator Allard physically typing in the answers himself? When you read a newspaper interview about Senator Allard, do you think he sat down for the interview without being prepped by his staff? Do you think he physically writes the answers on the questionnaire he receives from an interest group?

Of course his staff is going to see these answers, just as they would prep him on talking points before any interview, just as they would prepare the final draft of a letter or a questionnaire. We would think that is a fairly obvious assumption and not something that even needs mentioning.

The bottom line is this: the answers to the Q&A are coming from Senator Allard, and he will get the credit or the blame for them.


Alva's right on this one. If it comes from Senator Allard's office - regardless of whether or not it was written by him, dictated by him, or written by a staffer and approved by him, it's coming from Senator Allard.

While it might be a nice fantasy, I don't think we can expect - nor would we really want - a US Senator to spend his day monitoring a blog (no offense intended to the Pols). "Sorry, I can't make that important Committe vote - I gotta blog."

I think the fact that Senator Allard is doing a Q&A with a blog is a very positive development. He, and the other politicians who seem to be leaping out of the woodwork to do a Q&A on this site, should be commended. As should Alva and his crew of merry pranksters for building the site to the point where you've got US Senators paying attention.


*HE*?? "Alva and his crew of merry pranksters..." I always believed Alva was a chick... hmmm...

me, too

Ya. Me, too.

Susan B

Hmmm...I never really thought about it.


Perhaps I should have said "and his or her band of merry pranksters!" :)

Honestly, I had never even thought about whether it's a male or female behind Alva. I was just refering to the Alva persona, which has a male name.

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