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Senator, what are your thoughts concerning a potential Republican show-down in CD-5 this next cycle? You are rummored to be serious contender for a Congressional Primary in Hefley's seat - does that sort of speculation help or hurt you when you're concurrently serving in Denver. And Thanks for doing this.

Rebel Rep

Going along with thinkin's question. How are you going to be able to distinguish yourself among the (more than likely) large field of candidates? Are you concerened that your candidacy might be hurt because of your ties to the Schaffer campaign with the Coors people? And how are you going to distinguish yourself among other more right-wing candidates such as a Schulteis or Crank? Finally, if Hefley does run again, then what will you do?


Nice, Rebel Rep. "Are you concerened that your candidacy might be hurt because of your ties to the Schaffer campaign with the Coors people?" Well, Gee, considering Bob Schaffer easliy won the Party Activists in El Paso - I'd say, no. Let's try not to forget; in the El Paso GOP, they expect their leaders to stand up and take sides. Talk to Hefley, Broerman, Cloer, Jones, Decker, Schultheis, Perkins, and just about any other leader in the Party whether endorsements in Primaries hurt in future elections. I think Lamborn would agree - the only folks who would hold something like that against him weren't with him in the first place.

Rebel Rep

I asked this question because, as a registered voter in El Paso county, I have heard murmers among registered voters (mostly activists) who are still suffering from a bit of Coors hang-over. I understand Schaffer had a majority of activists supporting him, but when it came down to it, Schaffer lost El Paso county by %15! My question is valid, how will the Senator appeal to the more moderate voter? You can't write these 8,000 primary voters off, just because the activists think so.


What is your position on Referendum C to undo TABOR? Will it pass state wide?

Lee Gilbert

Senator Lamborn, Three items of interest to me.
1. I attended your meeting April 8 at the Capitol. Could you give a status report on the Republican Study Committee of Colorado since its formation and what can be expected from the Committee in the 2006 General Assembly?
2. I know that the full range of Life Issues are important to you. Do you see any elements of the Terry Shiavo experience that should affect public policy in Colorado?
3. What issues will confront the 2006 General Assembly if Referendums C and D fail in November?

Phoenix Rising

Senator, thank you for taking our questions.

1. Republicans lost control of both houses of the State Legislature, and many people believe it was in part due to a lack of focus on important issues such as the state budget. Do you feel this was an important reason for the Republican's defeat? If so, how should Republicans address this issue before 2006?

2. Conservative moral values are important to your district and, I understand, to you personally. It is rumored that a gay marriage prohibition amendment will be added to the 2006 ballot; (why) do you think this is necessary - what will it do for our State when gay marriage is already illegal and no provision of the State Constitution appears to provide the legal background of equal rights to justify a Massachusetts-like ruling?

George Lemaitre

Senator Lamborn,

I keep hearing good things about you but, being from Boulder, I honestly know little about you other than what my friends say.

What kind of an R are you.... Reagan or Rockefeller??

What are the main issues you work on?

And what meeting did you have on April 8th at the Capitol?? Who can attend?


Yellow Lightning

Senator Lamborn,

Every attempt to control spending for state services for illegal aliens was shot down this year. I don't want my tax refund to be taken away to pay for people who are here illegally. During a war on terrorists, nobody should be able to just waltz across the border. What are Republicans going to do about that next year, and who will be raising that as an issue in the next election? How much state spending is going to illegal aliens now, and how much more of my money will you spend if Referendum C passes?

Stan Errazuriz

The "Lamborn for Congress" group has been sending unsolicited (SPAM) email (noted as coming from "State Senator Doug Lamborn (R)" [email protected]" ) The domain registrant is shown as Steve Stillman of 2526 Raywood View in Colorado Springs. This spamming practice would appear be in violation of Colorado state law, and in any event sending of unsolicited mail is hardly an ethical practice. Why is your organization sending SPAM? Why has your organization not responded to requests to remove spam recipients from your mailing lists, resulting in continuing spam messages? What is your policy position on unsolicited (SPAM) email?

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