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What memo is the Senator talking about that expressed alarm at the Bush administration's lack of preparation for post-war Iraq?


Unnamed - the one that got about two column inches somewhere well inside the Denver Post. Wish I could tell you more, but that's all I remember since it got so little play in the liberal media. But it was every bit as blunt as the senator suggested, and it was dated well before the invasion started.


Following up - here's the WP coverage:



Do you invest your personal retirement in the federal thrift savings plan (a stock market based retirement system), as most Members of Congress do? If so, do you consider this a "snake oil" program?

Also, Colorado's state employees have access to PERA, another Stock Market based retirement system. And these folks don't pay into Social Security in most cases. "Snake oil" too, Senator?

If personal accounts are good enough for Senators and government employees, why aren't they good enough for average working folks?

Donald E. L. Johnson

Like Allard and Udall, Salazar has done a nice job of replying to questions, which were well put, imho. I like politicians who think for themselves rather than toe the party line.

Donald E. L. Johnson

What's interesting is that Salazar, Allard and Udall all are beginning to recoginize the problems with illegal immigration, but as long as Bush refuses to do his job, they are covered and don't have to do anything, unless they want to. And, at the moment, they seem to think they're better off focusing on other issues. This is why it's important for Tom Tancredo and local talk shows to provide leadership on this important issue.


Thank god we have representatives on the right and left who take sides of an issue, otherwise how would Sen. Salazar be able to figure out where he stands.


WIthout a doubt, Ken Salazar is a great representative of our State. I hope he places continual pressure on BIg Oil to begin a step-by-step process of investment into a change to alternative energy. We have reached "peakoil.com" and we should have started these changes 25 years ago. However, we have squandered these opportunites and now sit on energy outcomes of the worst case scenario.

Donald E. L. Johnson

Ethanol and Biodiesel are two of the terrible rip offs being imposed on us by clueless politicians. It takes more energy to produce these products than they save, as a Sunday NY Times Magazine article explained in great detail several years ago.

Phoenix Rising

I'm kind of mixed about this interview (kind of like I am about my junior Senator...); it's not as evasive as Allard's and Beauprez's answers, but neither is it as straightforward as some of the live interviews or Bill Ritter's interview response.

I think we need to push for more live Q&As, and fewer canned sessions.

Unimpressed, I think you see a lot of new Senators who get overwhelmed by the availability of positions and opinions on issues you never knew existed (or didn't know they qualified as issues...). Sen. Salazar appears to be making his way down this road, and his ability to take positions on both sides could either be an attempt to mediate or a sign of being lost amidst the confusion; only time will tell - he's been more visible and more effective than Allard for his time there, IMHO, though not as influential as Cambpell.

The answer that got me, though I knew from other accounts, is his support of the anti-flag-burning amendment. As a lawyer and former AG, he should have enough of a background in Constitutional Law to know why we don't ban flag-burning. When the symbol becomes more important than the concept, the concept begins to lose meaning.


I'm with you there Phoenix Rising. As for not being as influential as Campbell, Salazar hasn't been there as long as Campbell has.

Beyond that, I really have a problem with that. It is just not right. That being said, I do have respect for the good Senator.


He has been in the Senate for six months...its too early to know if he's a good Senator. Though, he is doing better than Barack Obama, who (after six months) thinks himself better than Abraham Lincoln.

I will say this, its nice to see representatives from Colorado getting national attention; too bad, Colorado Springs (with a district capable of producing a Speaker, Leader, Whip, Chairman, etc.) is wasting its potential on Joel Hefley.

Christine Grininger

Dear Mr. Salazar, I am having a problem getting a replacement social security card. I was told either you or a member of your staff could help me with this isssue. It seems the social security administration has my first married name on file. In order to change that and bring it up to date, I need a document with my former married name, birthdate and a signature documenting that I am indeed the person on the form. It is nearly impossible to get any type of record with that specific information on it.I have acquired certified copies of marriage and divorce certificates and those are unacceptable. I have attempted to get 1974 driving records with no success. I was married in 1973 in the state of Missouri, being more than 30 years since I lived there, I have no physical paperwwork or recollection of doctors, Insurance or medical records. How can I rectify this situation and get my current birthname on record with the social security administration? This process has been going on for months with 4 trips to the local Denver office with no success. Can you help me with this problem? Respectfully, Christine Grininger

Brian Blackwell

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Kay Sieverding

Do you think that the Colorado Attorney General and Colorado Insurance Commissioner should order Lloyds to register as doing business as a a Colorado Insurance Company, in part, and therefore submit all the required information to DORA and pay taxes on all Colorado based profits? I have self authenticating court document evidence that Lloyds of London sold insurance to several Colorado state employees--district attorneys Routt County Wittemyer and St. James. I have a claims number and billing detail discussing the names of the parties who bought the insurance from Lloyds. However, Lloyds is not listed as selling direct insurance in the Colorado Regulatory Agency Data Base. They are acknowledged only as a reinsurance agent who sells insurance to other insurance companies. No insurance company is mentioned on the four pages of detail I have, which is a bill. The bill is from the agent Lloyds hired, David Brougham at Hall and Evans, to a Lloyds rep in Chicago. According to Colorado statutes, to hire an agent pursuant to the business of insurance is to conduct the business of insurance in Colorado. It is irrelevant according to Colorado written law whether Lloyds employees stay in hotels or rent an apartment and work from an office as to whether they should be regulated, and apparently taxed, as a Colorado Insurance company.

As a Colorado Senator, would you consider writing a letter to the State of Colorado asking them to use their powers to regulate insurance companies to make sure that Lloyds is acting according to law and writing to the State Department of Revenue and IRS to make sure they are paying all the taxes they should on Colorado profits?

Al Coffrfin

What is this about you voting AGAINST making English our official language?


why are you so stupid? im not sure how to say that any nicer. all i know is that whatever you vote for pertaining to any lifeform from this point on better be good cuz i will make it my life goal to make sure you and your family get exactly the same treatment you vote for every and any other living creature on this planet. i already know where you belong. all you gotta do is prove me right.

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