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Phoenix Rising

Since Rutt said he would stay out if Hick was in, I'm taking this as a sign of some private conversation that Hick is OUT. To me, this puts Rutt at the top of the Dem heap and moves Hick down significantly.

Butt Ridges

This will be an interesting experiment. No one has ever tried to buy election in Colorado before. I'm sure Jared Polis will be watching this closely.

Phoenix Rising

"No one has ever tried to buy election in Colorado before." Yah. Right. I guess the GOP recruited Coors for his political reknown.

Roger D

Bruce Benson

Steve Schuck

Terry Considine

Most interesting scenario is Bridges v Holtzman. Two rich business guys who have never held elective office.

Susan B

I agree with the post. As a Democrat, it seems I am continually disappointed with D politicians completely botching the simplest of things. I was willing to embrace Bridges, but how can I support a guy who doesn't even have a good reason for running? It's not just that he doesn't have a reason, it's that his campaign wasn't smart enough to come up with a reason. That really concerns me, because it's only going to get tougher from here. I'm really frustrated with this.

Phoenix Rising

Since when is a write-up in the Denver Post "telling a bunch of my close friends and family that I'm in the race"? I've met Rutt, but I don't exactly consider him a close friend or family...

I could understand the "not willing to have that conversation yet" comment if he really was just notifying close friends and family, but if you're filing your candidacy and telling the Denver paper of record that you're running, I'd like to think you've at least come up with a message sound-bite.


Rutt has a good reason for running. He's a passionate progressive. He has plenty of time to hone a message before the campaign starts.


I about spit out my Wheaties this morning when I read that quote from Bridges. This early in a race, you get ONE shot at coverage, especially from the politics-phobic Post: when you announce you're going to run. After that, Bridges is going to see that Susan Greene won't be knocking on his door until some point next year. You'd think with all the high-priced talent he's surrounded himself with, one of those people would have thought his through a bit more.

Beyond the PR blunder of it all, to say "That's not a conversation I'm willing to have yet" gives me, as a Democrat, great pause about Bridges. Sorry, you're running to gain the voter's support - you damn well better be ready to have the conversation with us.

I'm seriously starting to hope Fitz-Gerald or another Donkey does get in the race - the current two are underwhelming from the standpoint of political ability and policy ideas.

Ter Ducken

I hear what you're saying Ralph, but you don't announce your candidacy without SOMETHING to say. All he had to say was something like, I'm running because Colorado needs better leadership to keep us out of the financial trouble we've had in the last six years. Or, I'm running because we need new leadership from a governor who won't just veto anything that doesn't suit his political party. Je-sus. Say something! Anything! You don't have to give up your entire campaign strategy, but say SOMETHING.

I agree with Alfalfa. If this is how it starts, I'm too afraid to see how it might end.

Curious Stranger

Could this be a shot over Hick's bow? Perhaps Rutt got tired of waiting for Hick's decision and is starting to frame Hick's wait to his benefit.

Most politicians form exploratory committees and waffle about their 'final' decision," Bridges said in a news release. "Not me. I'm running for governor and I'm in for the long haul."

Ter Ducken

I think he had to make that statement if he was really going to run. He announced and backed out last year for Senate, and he needed to say something to tell people that he was serious.

Still, all he told me was that he wants to be governor, just because.

Inside Scoop

From what I've heard, Susan Green jumped Rutt and at the time of their conversation he was only planning on telling his close family and friends about his campaign. I would expect that in tomorrow's coverage you'll read about several very good reasons why he's running for Governor. Anyone who's heard him speak knows that.

Susan B

So what? He doesn't have a stock answer ready for those kinds of questions? Who the hell is running that campaign?


This guy's an afterthought. He wasn't relavent before he officially announced (as if the announcement came as a surprise to anyone), and he's not relavent now. EVERY other candidate currently declared for the race would beat Rutt.


I love being a democrat but why can't we ever capitalize on an opportunity to make a strong statement? And, he's got "plenty of time to hone a message before the campaign starts"????? I'd argue the campaign just started and his best opportunity to make a stellar statement was just blown. Great...I already see bumper stickers...."Why Rutt Bridges for Governor when not even he knows?"

Alan Smitheee

Won't somebody please be honest with Rutt and convey to him that this is a massive waste of time and money? Not to mention damaging and devisive. I wouldn't count on the consultants insulated around him, as in this case, they are nothing more than parasites.


I found this story on Denver Post.

Rutt Bridges to run for governor
The Associated Press

Denver - Wealthy think tank founder Rutt Bridges declared his candidacy for Colorado governor today, becoming the second Democrat officially seeking the job Republican Gov. Bill Owens must give up next year because of term limits.

"Most politicians form exploratory committees and waffle about their 'final' decision," Bridges said in a news release. "Not me. I'm running for governor and I'm in for the long haul."

Bridges, a 53-year-old political neophyte, made millions developing a software program that analyzes sound reflections from the earth to identify likely oil and gas deposits. He later founded Denver's centrist Bighorn Center for Public Policy, which backed Colorado's popular No-Call List prohibiting telemarketer phone calls to those signed up.

"I grew up poor and understand the value of hard work and integrity," he said. "Job creation, affordable health care, a great environment, the best education for our kids -- there is nothing we can't achieve if we work together."

Last year, Bridges briefly considered running for Senate but bowed out when the eventual winner, Ken Salazar, expressed interest. Salazar recently refused to rule out a run for governor next year when Owens must step down after two terms.
The only other Democrat officially in the race is former Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter, who has angered many in his own party by describing himself as a "pro-life Democrat."

On the Republican side, Rep. Bob Beauprez said he wants to run for governor and others considering the race include former Rep. Scott McInnis and University of Denver president Marc Holtzman, who has never held office.

Inside Scoop

So what? So maybe you should wait until he actually announces before judging. You can't blame the guy for trying to avoid scooping his best friends and family with a Susan Green article!

The reasons, well thought out and well applied, I am sure will be in all of tomorrow's stories. You're all making WAY too much of a little thing. But I guess that's what this site is for!

Ter Ducken

He did announce. That's what he did last night, and that's what he did today. They have the freakin' press release in this story.

Anybody who has ever been involved in politics on a professional level sees this for the boneheaded move it was. I like Rutt personally, but this was a really, really bad start to a campaign. I'm not sure it's his fault, necessarily, as he has plenty of people who are supposed to be advising him. But let's not pretend that this is meaningless. I bet you'll see these quotes again from his opposition in this race, and it was completely avoidable.


Some of you may be willing to cut him a break - the Republicans and Democratic primary opponents will not. When you play in the big leagues, you can't afford a f-up of this magnitude. it will come back to haunt you in many ways (ads, mailings, etc,).

Regardless of how it went down, he should have been prepared for this - it's a no brainer.


Poor little Rutt -- got ambushed by that mean Susan Green -- that is not nice -- Poor Rutt did not have a good answer but if you give him another chance he will come up with a good reason why he really ougtha be Governor -- what a choke -- he has three full time chuckleheads -- more if you count Mello and Lamm and the others at that so called policy institute he runs -- none of them bothered to coach him on this? What a joke -- you can't buy an election unless you first buy a competent staff -- he has a merry band of chuckleheads who will gladly spend his money, eat his food at expensive joints and lose this election for him --
Rutt wake up you are being pimped by those clowns you have working for you

Joe Pa

worst. announcement. ever.


You all are brain-dead if you think anyone is going to even remember this A YEAR FROM AUGUST.


I just got the following email on my personal email address and I am a little pissed because I definitely did not sign up for no Rutt Bridges emails.

Who at the Democratic Party is giving out my email address?!?!?!



Dear Friend:

Today I officially entered the race for governor of Colorado. Over the next year and a half, I hope to earn the support of community and political leaders like you across the state.

I grew up poor in rural south Georgia and understand the value of hard work and integrity. Twenty-five years ago I moved to Colorado and founded an innovative small business which grew from three to 70 employees.

If you'd like to lean more about my background, visit http://www.bridgesforcolorado.com/

Over the last few months, I have been traveling across Colorado listening to people’s hopes for the future of our state. Job creation, affordable healthcare, a great environment and the best education for our kids--these are Democratic values, these are my values. These are all common-sense issues we can fight for together, as Democrats.

When I founded the Bighorn Center for Public Policy six years ago, our motto was, “A good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from.” One of Bighorn’s achievements was the successful passage of the telemarketing “No-Call” list. Real family values include being able to enjoy a quiet family dinner without having to fight off telemarketers.

We won the “No-Call” fight by building a coalition to take the side of Colorado families against special interests, and that’s just what I’ll do as Colorado’s governor.

Most politicians form exploratory committees and waffle about their “final” decision. But I’m running for governor, and I’m in for the long haul.

You can join our campaign by visiting http://www.bridgesforcolorado.com/ and signing up to receive regular updates.

I look forward to renewing old acquaintances and making new friends as I travel to all 64 Colorado counties before the end of the summer. With your help, I’m eager to put my leadership and job creation experience to work for all of us as your next governor.


Rutt Bridges

Paid for by Bridges for Colorado


You can bet people will remember it because, if he's even still in the race, his opponents will make sure people will remember it.

John Kerry's people were probably hoping no one would remember "I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it" line as they got closer to the election. Gosh - wonder how the voters did remember that one? Yes, it was one statement made on one day well in advance of November. But, his opponents used it relentlessly to paint an image of Kerry as a waffler and not to be trusted.

Bridges has a image problem going into the election because outside of Democratic circles, who really knows him for anything beyond being a rich guy who ran for Senate for 10 days? If you think his opponents won't use this mis-step to paint a picture of Bridges that confirms people's worst instincts about rich people simply "buying" offices for no reason, then you belong in Vlad's chucklehead cateogry.

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