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Git 'er Dun

Somebody wake me up when he's done...


For postponing the QA this is pathetic. Every other answer either ends in I am working on it or I need more facts or tough choices need to be made. Wow Allard, tell us something we don't know. I was pleasantly pleased with Bob Beauprez QA yesterday but this is just disgraceful.

Susan B

i think it's interesting that Allard took a shot at Udall and yesterday Beauprez took a shot at Bridges. they're certainly not pulling punches, maybe because they know Udall and Bridges are going to see this.

Donald E. L. Johnson

I think the senator has done a nice job of replying to our questions. He is, after all, a skilled politician and gave political answers. And that is appropriate. To do otherwise would be appalling.

I think it is a complement to this blog that he and his staff took the time to research the questions and write thoughtful replies. In so doing, they are showing they respect the democratic process and the political activists of both parties who read and post on this blog.

A few answers stand out for me.

1. He opposes illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals. Congrats to Tom Tancredo.
2. He opposes McCain-Kennedy for the right reasons. Congrats to Tom Tancredo.
3. He supports ethanol and biodiesel additives, but says the government shouldn't force consumers to use them. I don't know how consumers could make such choices unless gas stations added more pumps, which would increase costs. He didn't deal with the high-energy costs of producing those additives. He is toeing the party line on this one, which is disappointing.

4. He got and answered the illegal immigration question several times. So we've let him know our concerns are sincere. Congrats to Tom Tancredo.

5. The question on multi-employer pensions was sophisticated and well put. And the senator's reply shows he understands the complexity of the problem but has no better answer than the rest of us.

8. I think the political questions were probably appropriate for this blog, but were a waste of time and got the replies they deserved.

9. I disagree with the senator on the drinking age issue, which bugs the hospitality and booze industries. MADD is correct on this issue. States rights is an easy fallback, but it's been used and abused on everything from desegregation and civil rights to highway speeds and enforcing drunk driving laws. It's supporters always seem to be on the wrong side of the issues, and they're not always conservatives.

10. I hope H.R. 1528 passes the House and is supported by our senators.

11. I'd like Sen. Salazar to answer the same policy questions. Indeed, consider the policy questions answered by Sen. Allard my questions for Sen. Salazar, who may cut and paste to his heart's desire.

Donald E. L. Johnson

Yeah, I can count, just can't keep track.

Ter Ducken

I actually thought the political questions were pretty enlightening, especially in regards to running in 2008. I would say it's pretty clear that Allard is giving real thought to breaking his term limits pledge and running again.


I have to agree with Donald on this - at least on the point that Sen. Allard should be thanked for doing the Q&A and answering a wide-breadth of questions.

For anyone complaining about the time it took to answer the questions, look at the number of different issues people raised. I may not agree with Senator Allard on many things, but I do think he's an intelligent guy and serious about his positions. But, if you think our elected officials can rattle off thoughtful answers on every single issue before our state or country today, that's pure fantasy. Seeing now the number of issues raised, I appreciate Senator Allard and his office taking the time to answer them.

And, for people who think policy issues are dry and boring, I'd agree that bare-knuckles who's up/who's down politics is more exciting. But, issues still matter. And, it still matters what our elected officials think about the issues before our state and country.

Thanks to Senator Allard for taking the time to do this. He may not get my voice in support for many of his positions, but he definitely has my respect.

Hugo O'conor

Sen. Allard never actually pledged not to run again. He said that wouldn't run again IF the state was in good shape and the Republican party did not need him to run again.

Phoenix Rising

I was personally disappointed. As with Rep. Beauprez's answers, Sen. Allard took the time to write down a lot of canned air here. While some of his answers were revealing, he did not directly answer my Social Security question, nor did he answer for his contradictory filibuster positions.

These aren't rocket-science issues here; if he can't answer the concerns people have with honest reasoning, I don't see where he's doing himself or his constituency justice.


Phoenix Rising -- I agree about the canned and sanitized responses. Wayne has never had a reputation as one of the brightest guys in the Senate...


The Clinton recession? That comment alone proves that Allard is dumber than a brick. The Clinton years, especially the late ones, were one of the best economic periods in this country's history.

Phoenix Rising

Jeff, you obviously haven't followed the latest historical analysis. Iraq, 9/11, Old Europe, illegal immigrants, and yes, the recession, were all in fact Clinton "legacies". They're still researching where he was during the outbreak of AIDS, but it looks likely that he's responsible for that, too.


Those were Clinton legacies in their minds. While he did his share of things I didn't care for, no one with a functioning brain can say that was his recession with a straight face. I'm attacking allard in his minions, not you.

Phoenix Rising

Sorry - should have put in a snark /> tag. I was just joining you by adding in some sarcasm :)

Jeff Patterson

No worries. I'm still boggled that Allard could try to call the last recession Clinton's.

Troy Sammons

What are your thoughts on the serious issue of growing healthcare costs and the manipulative tactics used by insurance companies to prevent the paying legitimate claims?

Insurance companies are intentionally increasing their premiums and then offering a high deductible in order to make the monthly premium just barely affordable to the middle class. This tactic is used to force individuals to pay out-of-pocket for their healthcare costs even though they have health insurance coverage that they pay hundreds of dollars for every month. Then when Americans reach the age of 65 (the age when health concerns start to manifest) they go on Medicare, letting the private insurance companies abandon their responsibilities and turn the expense of healthcare for the aging Americans over to the government and the taxpayers. Why aren’t insurance companies under legal obligation to provide the services for which they are being paid?

In addition to the High Premium/High Deductible healthcare scam, insurance companies are refusing to pay for existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, etc. So not only are they accepting money for “health insurance coverage” then making patients pay out-of-pocket for medical services, but now they are excluding existing diseases so they will never have to payout on medical claims! Americans can’t afford health insurance, especially when they are getting double billed. Legal action must take place for insurance companies to start paying out for medical services that they are being paid to cover.

What are you doing to stop these criminal acts by insurance companies and prevent further fleecing of Americans?

Marv&Edith Keller

Just heard our Pres. on Illegals . We respect him greatly but say he IS FOR Amnesty ! We can get them to go back IF WE
DENY them JOBS and ALL BENEFITS ;No ANCHOR BABIES , NO SCHOOLING , NO MEDICAL, just give them what we would get if we tried to go to live in Mexico ILLEGALLY ! THEY WILL GO BACK AND their would be no need for a round up !!! Thank you , Keller's

Marv&Edith Keller

Just heard our Pres. on Illegals . We respect him greatly but say he IS FOR Amnesty ! We can get them to go back IF WE
DENY them JOBS and ALL BENEFITS ;No ANCHOR BABIES , NO SCHOOLING , NO MEDICAL, just give them what we would get if we tried to go to live in Mexico ILLEGALLY ! THEY WILL GO BACK AND their would be no need for a round up !!! Thank you , Keller's

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