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I didn't even see that coming.


As soon as Sen. Allard got the appropriations committee slot, his running again was a foregone conclusion.


If it was a forgone conclusion that a prime committee seat meant automatic re-election, then we'd have Beauprez running for re-election, as well. We don't.


Antoher Republican, another broken term limits pledge.


So then that's it. Beauprez is really running - regaurdless of how difficult a governors race might become. He wanted to be Senator - now has to wait to go after Ken Salazar - and has decided that being a governor is way more cool than being a congressman.

Phoenix Rising

Awfully early in the cycle to be determining if Colorado is healthy and his services are still needed, isn't it?

I agree with Alfalfa, here; usually, a prime slot like Appropriations is a "stay here, we need you" kind of appointment. Beauprez has the equivalent slot in the House, and I'm sure the NRCC and House leadership want him to hold his seat, but Beauprez decided to aim higher.

There's always the chance that Allard will say "enough is enough" and just bow out in '08, but this rumor, and more pointedly the Appropriations seat point towards his running again against Udall.


I am not convinced BB is in the gov race to stay yet - keep you eye on it. But to get a seat on approps in the Senate, you have to make a committment that you're running for re-election, or they won't waste it on you.


Senator Allard is an incredible public servant - Colorado is lucky to have a man of his caliber representing us in Washington.

I think Udall should seriously rethink his plans - there is no way that anyone is going to beat Wayne Allard the appropriator. Heck, maybe they should get Tom Strickland to run against him again, anyone heard from that 17th Street lawyer-lobbyist recently?


It is clear to me that the Ds that run this site and then post under different names on this site desperately want BB out of the race. Let's be clear, he is running for Gov. He cut the cord in DC, he is raising money for a Gov's race and hiring staff for a run here.

What part of that do you not get or understand? It seems very clear to me.


Tom Strickland has been seen -- isn't he jointly managing the McInnis and Ritter for Governor Campaigns?


Sorry, Jake. I neither run this site nor do I particularly want to see BB out of the race. You're putting motives where they don't exist. It's a long way to November 2006 and a lot of things could change. I think there's going to be some movement of who's in and who's out, that's all.


Didn't necessarily mean you. I am sure that there will be changes between now and then, but I wouldn't bet on it being BB getting out of the Gov's race.

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