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It is clear you are shilling for Marc, hoping he is the Republican nominee because he would be the weakest in a gerneral election. Marc would be toast against any Dem opponent--great strategy for a Dem blog.


I knew Marc when he was but a gleam in his father’s eye. Whoa to those who underestimate the determination and intelligence of a Holtzman.


Wilkes, are you really saying that you new Marc Holtzman when before he was even an embryo in his mother's womb? If so, you may be a good argument for a New England Journal of Medicine article --and you better let Diana DeGette know she is wrong about intelligent life in stem cells...


Have no fear. Let this blog underestimate Beauprez. I have it on pretty good authority that Bob is going to put up some HUGE numbers at the end of this filing period. Benson has cut back on his fundraising for Ref C to focus on Bobby B's race. Word on the street is he will easily exceed $600K and could be closer to $650K. That will be tough for Holtzman to compete with. Go Bob Go!


Momentum will carry the day. Holtzman will fizzle and Bob B. will buildbuild and continuetobuild momentum, excitement and support.

I heard him yesterday; HE WAS ON and in fighting shape. Holtzman has no idea what he's in for.


I am not sure why everyone is being so hard on Bridges -- in fact, I don't remember the last time an announcement garnered so much criticism. Looking at it from an objective point of view, one may think that Bridges may just be too threatening to the GOP and other Dem's with their eye on the Gov's race. Beware of those who disect and analyze every thread of a candidate's decisions... after all, the only thing worse than being talked about it NOT being talked about.


Here, here Cod. I don't know much about Bridges but he seems like a more salt-of-the-earth John Hickenlooper to me -- his business experience and Horatio Alger story should go over well in Colorado, even the rural areas.
A Beauprez/Bridges battle would be interesting: two self-made businessmen with rural roots. But what Bridges has going for him over Beauprez is his thoughtful approach to public policy and ability to not strictly walk the party line. Beauprez's ultra-conservative, cowtowing past will probably catch up with him in a statewide race -- skeletons will emerge that were easier to hide in a congressional run.


Peggy Lamm will get on Emily's List faster than a Perlmutter can lose interest.


I agree, I think that EL would be silly not to back Lamm. She typifies everything that the 7th CD needs and wants. Perlmutter is too institutionalized and, besides, he'll lose interest anyway. Actually, I'm pretty amazed he has stuck it out this long -- maybe they increased his dosage of Ritalin?

Hugo O'conor

And BB picked up Coffman's endorsment too. That will carry a lot of weight.


Ha - I'll be interested to see what the numbers come out to, gogbobgo... The momentum is CLEARLY with Holtzman right now. Bob has an uphill battle ahead.


I think this race is Beauprez's to lose. Bob has the GOP base locked up through the convention. Holtzman will likely petition but has the resources to make it through the primary. Bob will win and be better for it. Much like Owens defeating Tom Norton in 1998.
I am surprised at the weakness of the Democrat field, Rutt is not charismatic and his story is good but not great. Bill Ritter has faded away and now with the cop shooting capture Morrissey will be the name everyone knows as Denver DA.
Don't agree with the current line changes but I do agree we will see movement back and forth but I put my money on Beauprez.


You folks need to realize that this website does not determine "momentum".

Donald E. L. Johnson

This line change should help MH raise money and make it a tad more difficult for BB, unless it stimulates his backers to show their support. Both sides should be energized by this line change, regardless of the validity, which I question a bit.

It appears both sides will have money and the outcome will depend on the candidates' effectiveness with activists and voters. So money isn't really an issue at this point, because both sides are raising big bucks.

Alva Adams

The line is likely going to change a great deal in the next 12 months, but if you're following it on a week to week basis as we do, this is how we think it looks.

For example, Holtzman has just had a better couple of months than Beauprez that has culminated with the MoveOn attacks against Beauprez. Does that mean that Holtzman will beat Beauprez in the primary? Of course not. But if you were going to ask who is in best position today, we would say it's Holtzman. He's raising a lot of money and nobody is attacking him. That could all change next week, however. We're trying to track the pulse of who is moving up and down in the meantime.


sexual harrassment?!?

Please document that before throwing something that serious out on the table.


Do your own darn homework.


I have never heard any of the charges against anyone - it's much too early to slime this race before it's even begun.

Liar Liar

Smut. This blog is pure smut. Alva- you take down things you don't like about the Mayor, but someone makes an unsubstantied claim about Bridges and it's all about freedom of speech. What a fraud.

Alva Adams

You're right about the Bridges comment. We missed that comment, but that comment and subsequent comments have been removed. We don't monitor comments as they come in, so we can't always catch unfair ones immediately. But when we see them, we do take them off.

Remember, this isn't a place to float unsubstantiated and possibly damaging rumors about anyone. Back it up or leave it out.

Team Marc

Thank you that was a low blow on Marc.


Marc Holtzman is the man to beat. Beauprez is establishment and for too long we have seen propped up puppets of Owens and Bush screw the GOP activists. Beauprez has refused to listen to his district and Rep. Tancredo regarding illegal immigration which is a major Colorado issue that is even more underestimated than Beauprez (according to his supporters). Bush and Owens have lost their political capital and Beauprez is following their lead in that.
Here is a man still screwing his party by not announcing - except through Rick O'Donnell, another establishment guy. This is a state that likes mavericks. Holtzman is just that.


Wexford98 - In regards to O'Donnell as the establishment guy, I don't see how you get there. O'Donnell is a guy that ran against BB, the NRCC and the rest of the establishment 4 years ago.

As far as political capital goes, the last time I check, Owens favorable numbers were in the high 60s.


Jake, he also called Holtzman a maverick. I swear I am still laughing and nearly wet my pants over the description of the "little nerd that could" as some sort of a cowboy.


Giddyup little buddy!

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