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Hey! Don't apologize to the poor guy. You've probably given his site more traffic than he ever had any right to expect.


seeing Herb respond to this blog reminds me of the "West Wing" episode where Josh engages an internet blog.

at one point Josh exclaims, "It's like 'Lord Of the Flies' on there!"

seemed like a pretty good description...


Where does Polis live, and why isn't he included in any of these lines?


Polis will likely be a 2nd CD candidate in 2008. I believe he was looking into running for a school board in Jeffco(?) for 2006, which I don't feel like tracking it down right now.

Herbie - alternative link:

God I wish I could add an image right now.


That could be the theme for Friday: Which kind of "ultimate" car would each candidate drive. BB, a BeeMer? Pashcall, a Lexus? (oh, wait, he really does drive that, doesn't he?) And Herb, well, you know...


I second that - I couldn't resist the Love Bug reference.

Alva Adams

Jared Polis is thought to be waiting to run for CD-2 in 2008. There's no indication that we've heard that he will run in CD-7, and a run for governor is not realistic.


I know that I am late to the game here, but did anyone notice on Herb's website that he is a member of the World Future Society?

Is this some sort of "progressive" group my conservative self doesn't know about???

This is from their website - "Who belongs to the Society? Membership is open to anyone who would like to know more about what the future will hold."

Ok, so either we are all members or I am missing something. Does this group have anything to do with the Hall Bopp comet and castration?

Ter Ducken

In the future we will have robot traffic cops, I can tell you that.

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