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I think carpetbagging was probably the least of Keyes' problems. The deep-seated insanity certainly didn't help him any...

Phoenix Rising

If you don't believe that politicians move to places where they think they can win a race, think again. But shopping for a national race and moving there only a couple of months before filing is taking it a bit far. At least no-one from the state party recruited him to move here a la Keyes.

We have at least two solid if not perfect candidates for CD-7; what was Rubenstein thinking, that the district was devoid of Democratic talent?


Clearly, Herbie the CarpetBagger didn't do too good of an analysis if he's thinking he could waltz in here and run for office on the grounds it's his best opportunity to get elected. Given this start, I'm hoping he stays in the race for a while because at least he's going to provide comedy. What a joke.

On a sidenote, I've done an expert analysis of races in the country and have determined that my best bet for snagging office is to move to Pismo Beach and run for dog catcher.

Ter Ducken

Why would you come out and say that you were looking around the country for a place to move to run for congress? What a dumbass.


A joke? Do you mean the antics of Perlmutter and Lamm aren't providing enough comedic relief? This is turning into a regular three ring circus.

Republican leadership would never let this happen. I am so glad the Democratic leadership isn't nipping this in the butt so we can all have a good chuckle. I guess the joke is on the Democrats.


Obviously this guy is a joke. However, with a few million dollars, a good political consultant can do almost anything ...


worked out ok for Hillary...and I don't think this guy is any bigger of a dumbass that Ed or Peggy.


I hope he stays in the race for the democrat nomination. He might actually have some issues to talk about.

Phoenix Rising

One difference - if Hillary had moved to CD-7, she would have had something this guy didn't: name recognition. There isn't anything this guy can do to raise that to Sen. Clinton's level.


He's a joke if he's telling reporters that the reason he's running in 7 is that he did research and thought it would be the best chance to win a seat.

Earth to Herbie - whether or not this is the reason you're here, DON'T SAY IT TO A REPORTER. Say anything else. Dredge up some Democratic talking points BS about jobs, health care, the economy, whatever. Just don't say you've moved from the DC suburbs to Colorado because you think it's your chance to get into Congress.

And, while it does help, millions of dollars in your wallet will not completely wipe out candidate inexperience and ineptitutde (see Pete Coors).


I like Ed's idea that Rubenstein might create some interesting issue talk... but what kind of research would end with CD-7 as a DC lawyer/think-tank-thinker's best chance to win a congressional seat? This district tends toward tooth-and-nails not ethics-and-deep thinking. If it went for ethics and thinking we would have Dave Thomas.


I agree with most of the others here that this guy's campaign is DOA. That has got to be the absolute worst start to a campaign I have ever seen - what an idiot. I propose you change his odds in the CD7 line to 100-1.

Ter Ducken

I can see the ads and the message now.

Herb Rubenstein: Vote For Me Because I Want To Be A Congressman


The real question is whether Herb Rubenstein was a "democrat for Bush" in 2004. I hear those darned Bush people were paying push pollsters to trick unwary Democrats into allowing their names to appear on Bush press releases throughout the 2004 election.


There must be something in the water in the 7th CD...first, Joanna Conti, then Peggy Lamm, now Herb Rubenstein...oops, my mistake, first it was Bob Beauprez, THEN Joanna Conti. Aren't there any locals willing to run...you know, someone who might actually know a few of his or her neighbors/constituents and just a little bit about their concerns? Pitch a tent and run for congress in the 7th!


"Ask Alan Keyes how well that worked out."

or Hillary Clinton..... oh, wait..... nevermind


"Republican leadership would never let this happen."


Alan Keyes, David Duke, Schwarzenegger, this lady: http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/06/09/gop.pornstar.ap/


does anyone know if he has endorsed Bill Owens yet?


Herb is on the move. He isn't taking this laying down either. I think he is having a rough start but do voters really care about carpetbagging anymore? BB doesn't even live in the house he has in the district. Drive by sometime and check out his empty house. He would probably rent it out if he could get away with it.


Susan B

It's different when the guy says he moved to Colorado because he thought it was the easiest place for him to run for congress. True, Beauprez didn't live in the district and probably still doesn't, but at least he had a history in Colorado before he ran.


Hey Marshall,

Want to take a bet on how fast this guy puts his house up for sale when he loses the primary? I give him a month!

Anybody else want to place odds on this? I sure could use the $.


Give Rubenstein a chance. If he spent so much time looking into the CD-7 district, then he probably knows more about the issues facing those voters than you give him credit for. He'll bring a fresh perspective to Colorado, and looking at your other options, that might be what's needed.


Who cares about carpetbagging, geesh, it's all over Washington DC for gosh sakes.

You're discounting this man because of one comment? It's up to us to pick the best man for the job, let him debate and let him have his say.

Sounds like you're discounting him because of the big D at the end of his name, eh?

Would you give credence to any other candidate with D? Prolly not.

Mr. Roboto

ZaBlanc - I think the discounting comes from the fact that Herbie is a goofball.

It is stuff like this: July 12 – "Rubenstein announces he will have a definite position on C470 and transportation priorities in the 7th Congressional District by July 30th."

It is weird stuff like that, and the futurist society and the Rubenstein dozen, and the Rubsenstine 200 (really 198) and, well the list goes on.

It doesn't have anything to do with him being a D.

Bob H

Hey, have any of you gone to his site to see what his (or any other candidates)platform is? Part of our process is supposed to be comparing the important issues such as how a politician would represent us. Most of the comments I see here are not directly related to the issues.

At least Herb has detailed information on his positions on his site, far more than either counterpart. This guy is for real, is sincere and has long had roots here and frequently visited. Think of how many people that moved to Colorado that have contributed greatly to our state. He has good experience with social security, so thats a hot button for me.

If after reading his positions, and comparing them to his opponents you decide he is not the right choice I can understand that. But at least understand the issues. His experience in Washington will be valuable for us. He looks down on special interests and from my many emails with him I believe him to be unusually sincere. I emailed the other coandidates and never got a single response on immigration, but with Herb we carried on emails for over a week. While I do not align with him on everything, overall he is by far the best candidate. (unless of course you want more of the same)

Don't believe me, understand the candidates actual positions. Vote for the one you like, not where they came from. They will be in DC most of the time anyway.

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