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Don't Buy It

Not buying your "annonomous big donor" theory. Any names, guys, or just rumors? Because, you know, I once caught a fish THIS BIG!


ColPols seems pretty tapped into Colorado Politics most of the time which is why i continue to be confused by their short sightedness in the Holtzman/Beauprez race.

Anyone who really knows anything about Colorado Politics knows that, regardless of where things stand fund-raising-wise on June 13th 2005, BB will without a doubt be the man to beat in the long run. Having more money today doesn't make MH the favorite for the simple fact that the votes aren't being cast today. Favorites are talked about (in most circles) in terms of who's more likely to win when the game is played. Of course it's their blog and they can do what they want with it but it seems silly to set 'lines' based on an 'if the votes were cast today' presumption.

At the very least it seems Col.Pols hasn't figured out yet that Beauprez doesn't lose.

Ter Ducken

Might as well call the election off! Anybody with any political knowledge knows that Beauprez has actually already won the election. He IS the governor right now. Congratulations.


Despite idiotic remarks by the ever rude and ill-manner 'Ter Ducken' a reason the honorable Beauprez could win the election is because he is well-mannered.

Unlike the gutter trash on the left side of the political aisle.

Phoenix Rising

Ooh, we're really raising the bar on political discourse today... "gutter trash"?

Why is it that a simple bit of sarcasm in response to an absolutist statement arouses such ire? Sounds a bit defensive to me...

Say what you will, but if Beauprez is at $200,000 to Holtzman's $800,000, then BB has some catching up to do. Holtzman put him on notice with his initial $500k fundraising; Beauprez didn't match him in the following reporting period either, and that's a potential issue.


Of course BB has some catching up to do. All I'm saying is that having more money on 6/14/05 doesn't make MH the favorite. Anyone with a real feel for CO politics knows this. Anyone who says otherwise is engaged in either wishful thinking or strong denial.

Absolutist statement? Perhaps. But if i were a betting man I'd take those 3-1 odds on BB up there and thow everything I've got on him.


Don't forget, MH is unemployed and has time to fundraise, BB is busy doing the work he was elected to do. He's in Washington all week. How can he possibly fundraise when he is not there to do it. That's why MH has more money, not that BB can't raise it. He's just too busy being honorable. You just wait though, he'll raise it. I think coloradopols is way off base, BB should be number 1, money has less to do with Colorado elections. Look at the last senate race.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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